1 Day Itinerary in Hallstatt

You have surely come across photos of Hallstatt by the lake, with a church minaret standing out in the middle, and the snow-covered state is beautiful. Hallstatt, which is the reason why most tourists go to Austria and dream of seeing it, is a truly fairy-tale-like town that you will enjoy your trip.

Information about Hallstatt

First of all, I made a lot of mistakes until I learned how to write the word Hallstatt. I have to admit that it is a difficult place to write Halstatt, Halsstatt, Halstat, but I finally learned it. Hallstatt, the most photographed place in Austria, is surrounded by high mountains, with Hallstatt Lake next to it, where you can take magnificent photos. This place is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Be sure to see how well preserved this beautiful town with the oldest salt mines is. It is impossible not to be amazed. Hallstatt, the pearl of Austria, is an awe-inspiring place in every aspect. It’s a magnificent place that could definitely find its place in an article about the most beautiful villages in the world or the most beautiful towns in Europe.

Hallstatt, a town of 1000 inhabitants, has many things that make it beautiful, but geographical features are at the forefront. The glassy water and the fact that it is built on the edge of the huge Dachstein Mountains, on the edge of the Dachstein Mountains, in a thin line where they meet the water, and the structure of the buildings adorned with beauty are a fact that deserves its fame.

Hallstatt’s history goes back to prehistory. After the discovery of salt mines in the region, Hallstatt experienced a great commercial boom. Of course, the history of these colorful houses that give an idyllic atmosphere to the photographs is not that old. Most of the houses were built in the 16th century. The statue in the center of the Market Square, the heart of the town, was erected in the 18th century. Until the late 19th century, Hallstatt could be reached either by boat across the lake or by trails behind the mountains. In 1890 the first road was built by blasting rocks.

Austria Hallstatt Gezilecek Gorulecek Yerler
Here is a typical Hallstatt landscape photo. We know Hallstatt from this photo, we love Hallstatt from this image. It was one of the most enjoyable points I had while pressing the shutter button.

Far Easterners are very interested in Austria. They especially liked Hallstatt so much that they built a replica of Hallstatt in a city in China. It is the same from the houses to the statues in the square. When you see it, it is a bit strange, a bit ridiculous. Because it’s not a small model, it is exactly what it is. But it doesn’t look like anything without the Alps, Chinese administration.

Since we traveled around Austria with the road trip logic by renting a car, we came here with our rental car. After leaving the car in the parking lot, we started to visit Hallstatt. I will start the Halsstatt sightseeing route from the point where we parked the car. You can get information about Hallstatt in all details by reviewing our article on how to get to Hallstatt by bus, train or private car.

The first stop on our trip to Hallstatt is the heights, we go up to the Skywalk. For this, we use the funicular that provides transportation on the side of the mountain. With this vehicle, we can reach the Skywalk and watch Hallstatt and its natural wonders from a height of 300 meters.

Hallstatt Funikuler Salzberg
Hallstatt Skywalk Teras Manzarasi

Hallstatt Heritage Museum

Hallstatt Museum, located south of Market Square, is a museum where you can find a wide range of information about Hallstatt, its history and how it has come to this day. Items used in mining, paintings depicting the way of life in Hallstatt in the past are exhibited here. Since salt mining dates back to ancient times, it is also possible to see many archaeological artifacts in the museum.

Hallstatt Muzesi Gezilecek Yerler
Hallstatt Sokaklari

Hallstatt Market Square

When you pass from one end of Hallstatt to the other, you will definitely pass through this square. This is the square of Hallstatt. Market Square is the cutest square in the world and it is surrounded by many souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels. When you look around, it’s like a relaxation area. Small houses, flowering plants hanging from the houses, many different people, young and old. There is also a Holy Trinity statue in the center of the square, representing the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Hallstatt Market Square Pazar Meydani Gezi
Hallstatt Market Square Pazar Meydani Gorulecek Yerler

Evangelical Church

The Evangelical Parish, the most recognizable building in the city, was built in the 18th century. Its pointed minaret is the protagonist of every Hallstatt photo. You can also enter the church for free.

Hallstatt Evangelical Kilisesi
The church is visible from all over the city and adds value to Hallstatt.
Hallstatt Evangelical Kilisesi Ici
The inside of the Evangelical Church looks like a normal church.

So what to eat in Hallstatt? Where to eat in Hallstatt? Now it was time for dinner. Right next to the church, there is a buffet run by a Turkish friend selling chicken, wraps and potato dishes that you can eat on the go. The prices are affordable and the food tastes good. We sat on the benches behind the church and had a nice meal overlooking the lake. The name of the shop is Karmez Kebab. Since we didn’t try the other restaurants and cafes in Hallstatt, we can’t make a recommendation. I don’t think there is a cheaper and affordable alternative anyway.

Beinhaus Bone House

After passing the church, you will see a church on the left a little further on. Now we will go up towards it, but it is not the church we will enter, but the small building right next to it. This place is called Beinhaus, which means bone house in Turkish. As the cemetery in front of it filled up, the bones were painted and put in this small room. It’s a strange situation, of course, but they couldn’t find another solution because the cemeteries were full in such a place.

Hallstatt Kemik Evi Kafataslari
Hallstatt Kemik Evi Boyanmis Kemikler

The place where the famous Hallstatt photos were taken is a little further on. Continue taking the lake to your right, 120 meters after passing the famous church and the bone house, you will come to the point where you can take idyllic postcard-looking photos. You will already see people taking photos of the view at that point.

Hallstatt Golu Avusturya Fotograflari
Hallstatt is one of the most beautiful lakes by the lake.
Hallstatt Golu Gondol Gezisi
You can also take a gondola ride on Lake Hallstatt.

Hallstatt is a place where you can walk from the beginning to the end. Since the distance between the beginning and the end is 1.2 kilometers, you can walk easily. Since the roads are smooth, it is not tiring. But you need to have walking shoes to go up or down points like the Skywalk.

You may find this information useful before traveling to Austria’s most popular town. What season to go, where to stay, how to get to Hallstatt by private car or by bus or train from the surrounding settlements.

When to go to Hallstatt?

When are the best months or season to go to Hallstatt? Hallstatt is a great place for both seasons. In winter, you can witness the magnificent snow-covered landscapes. But winter has many disadvantages. When you go up in the mountains, even by the lake, you may not be able to see the view of Hallstatt due to fog and clouds. Some of the places to visit in Hallstatt are closed in winter. Therefore, the best months to go to Hallstatt are summer months. But you should also see it in winter.

Where to stay in Hallstatt?

Accommodation in Hallstatt is actually the fantasy part of the job. Because if you are an economical person, you will not need to stay in Hallstatt. This is a place that can be visited in half a day, a full day. Whether you are touring Austria or coming from Salzburg, you can have a great time without staying.

Austria Hallstatt Gezilecek Yerler Nerelerdir
What are the places to visit in Hallstatt, Austria? Hallstatt has an area of 1.2 kilometers and it is possible to visit the places to visit and see in Hallstatt in a very short time.

If your budget is sufficient, you can stay in chalet-style, lakeside hotels in Hallstatt, which is stuck between the mountains, with unforgettable views you will never forget. A lakeside hotel near the Market Square costs 1100TL per night for example. There are also cheaper hotels that are not by the lake, like 600TL per night. You can check the hotels in Hallstatt with their locations and prices here.

If you want to go tent camping or caravan camping in Hallstatt, there is a campground called Campinplatz Klausner-Höll. Close to the center of the village, the campground is open from April to October and you have to pay €8.50 for a caravan entrance fee, €6 for a tent and €10 per person. You can get detailed price information from the website. Google reviews of the campground are also not very encouraging, check them out before you go.

What to buy in Hallstatt?

There are options for visitors who want to shop in Hallstatt. There are many souvenir shops especially in the square. You may miss them while walking on the streets, but it is impossible to miss them in the square. Since Hallstatt is a salt country, salt is usually bought, but handcrafted products such as woodworking products are also common in the region.

Hallstatt Seyahat Rehberi
Hallstatt Travel Guide
Hallstatt Avusturya Gezi Notlari
Hallstatt Austria Travel Notes

What to do in Hallstatt?

Boat tours: Hallstatt’s most popular activity is boat tours. Electric boats are used to avoid damaging the lake. A boat tour on the lake is a must-do activity. You should watch the calm and relaxing view of Hallstatt and the mountains, the source of its pure air, from afar over the crystal-like lake. There are two different types of boats with 300W and 500W power. 300W boats cost 12€ for half an hour and 17€ for one hour. 500W boats cost 15€ for half an hour and 20€ for 1 hour. Swan Pedal Boats, which look like swans, are also powered by human power. You can move them by turning the pedals like a bicycle. I think electric boats give more pleasure. Swan boats are 10€ for half an hour and 15€ for an hour. There are also dinghies for 8 – 11€ and paddling boards for 10 – 15€. You can find a place to rent a boat near Market Square. Lake Hallstatt Explorer is also one of the places where you can rent a boat. You can ask when you see boats by the lake.

Hallstatt Tekne Kesif Turlari
Boat Tours in Hallstatt
Hallstatt Kiralik Elektrikli Tekne Turu
Electric Boat Rentals

You can also go on an exploration trip on the HallstatterSee with larger boats. You can take a short boat trip of about 1 hour to Hallstatt and the neighboring village of Obertraun. The boats depart every day at 11:00, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00 from Hallstatt and about half an hour later from Obertraun. The price per person is 8,50€ and the daily ticket price is 17€.

If you want to visit Hallstatt in winter, you won’t be able to take advantage of the many attractions in the area, as many of them are unfortunately closed during the winter. But there is skiing for those who visit Hallstatt in winter.

Where is Hallstatt and how to get there?

Getting to Hallstatt is a really tiring and arduous process. Below I have tried to mention various alternatives for transportation to Hallstatt. These alternatives may vary depending on your starting point.

Getting from Salzburg to Hallstatt by bus: Going by bus from Salzburg is an alternative. You first arrive at the bus terminal called Bad Ischl Station by passing through the towns of Fuschl and St. Gilgen with bus number 150 departing every hour from Salzburg Mirabellplatz. From this terminal you take the train and reach the opposite side of Hallstatt in half an hour. You can also reach Hallstatt village by boats departing from here. This process takes about 2 hours 40 minutes.

If you want to take the bus from Bad Ischl Station to the village, take the Hallstatt Gosaumühle bus 542, then the Hallstatt Lahn (Seelände) bus into the town of Hallstatt.

Getting from Salzburg to Hallstatt by train: A train leaves every half hour from Salzburg Hbf, Salzburg’s major train station, and first arrives at Attnang-Puchheim. From there you transfer to the opposite side of Hallstatt Village. Although Hallstatt is located on the west side of the lake, the trains run on the east side. You can take a boat from here to the village for 2.5€. From Salzburg to Hallstatt you will pay around 15€ one way. Please note that the last boat time is 18:15 for returning by train. You can buy your return ticket from the boat or from the ticket office where the boat departs.

There is no problem in terms of transportation. All public transportation is quite punctual. It is useful to buy train tickets in advance so that you can chase cheap options. You can use Austria’s official train transportation website for train tickets. Whichever way you choose, be prepared for beautiful scenery.

If you are coming with your suitcases, you can leave your suitcases for a fee at the tourist information counters. Since the tourist information center has a closing time of 18:00, it is important to get there before the shop closes so you can pick up your luggage.

How is transportation between Vienna and Hallstatt? Those who want to reach Hallstatt in the Salzburg Region by train from Vienna, the capital of Austria, can also reach Attnang-Puchheim station and take a connecting train. You can reach Hallstatt from Vienna in 4 hours in total.

Getting to Hallstatt by car: I mentioned that transportation is difficult. The easiest way to get to Hallstatt is to rent a car. The closest airport to Hallstatt is Salzburg Mozart Airport (SZG). You can also rent a car from the airport. The distance from Salzburg city center to Hallstatt is 80 km, it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car to reach Hallstatt. The advantage of the car is that you can stop wherever you want on the way and enjoy yourself. Vienna to Hallstatt is 290km (3h 30m), Graz to Hallstatt is 180km (2h 30m), Salzburg to Hallstatt is 80km (1h 20m).

Austria Halsstatt Yolu Arac Kiralama
The best way to get to Hallstatt from Salzburg or neighboring cities is to rent a car. Because only with your personal vehicle you have the freedom to stop at any viewpoint you want.

You cannot enter Hallstatt Village by car, it is not allowed. You cannot enter the village, but there is already a parking lot at the bottom of the village. If you are going by car, you need to leave your car in the parking lots. Hallstatt has tried to solve the parking problem as much as it can despite its mountains. Although there are a few parking lots for parking in Hallstatt, it may cause problems such as not finding a parking space and waiting in line during the season when tourists are abundant. It is better to go early to avoid this risk.

Austria Hallstatt Otopark Alanlari
Hallstatt's parking lot P2
Austria Hallstatt Otopark Alanlari Tabelalari
After parking in parking lot P2, we can see from the digital indicators that the parking lot is full immediately.

Since Hallstatt is in the mountains, you have to go through a tunnel to enter the town. Halfway through the tunnel you will come across the first parking lot called P1. If you miss the P1 entrance, you have to make a U-turn at the intersection at the end of the tunnel to enter P1 again. At the end of the tunnel, near the funicular, there is another parking lot called P2. You can choose either one. Parking fees in Hallstatt were surprisingly affordable. The first 20 minutes are free, you can see the other hours and parking prices below.

20min – 60min
1h – 2h
2h – 3h
3h – 12h

In the parking lots, there are digital signs showing the availability of parking spaces, these signs are indicators that determine whether you can park or not. If you are lucky enough to get a parking space, you buy your ticket from the vending machines and enter. When you come to the parking lot to pay, you scan the ticket given at the entrance into the vending machines and the system shows you the amount you need to pay. You can pay in cash or by credit card. When you get in your car and move to the parking lot exit and scan the card at the ticket machine at the exit, the gate opens and you exit.