2 Day Itinerary in Denizli

2 Day Itinerary in Denizli

Denizli is a city to visit for its beautiful ancient cities and especially for the natural formations in Pamukkale, which has become the symbol of Denizli. The fact that the tickets are cheaper than many other cities means that we can easily spend at least a weekend here.

You cannot go to Pamukkale in summer, because when you go to Pamukkale, you need to enjoy the thermal waters. I don’t think you can get a taste of it in the lethargy of summer. It is most logical to go around October and November without coinciding with the winter months.

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How to get to Denizli?

Flights departing from Istanbul land at Denizli Çardak Airport in about 1 hour. Located in the Çardak district of Denizli, Denizli Çardak Airport was first planned as a military airport. Therefore, it is 65 kilometers away from the city center.

There are only two flights to the airport. You can travel with Pegasus from Sabiha Gökçen or THY from Atatürk Airport. However, on days with bad weather conditions such as fog, your flight may land at airports in neighboring cities, but if you are on your way back, your flight may even be canceled. Therefore, we recommend you to pay attention to the weather conditions when purchasing a flight ticket.

When our plane landed, the large lake below and the layers of salt on it attracted our attention. We learned that this lake was Acıgöl, which also borders Denizli. Acıgöl is a tectonic lake with the largest natural sodium potential in Turkey and the second largest in the world. The sodium and sulfate extracted from here was used in paper, glass and textile industries.

How to get to Denizli center?

There is a car rental service at the airport after you get off the plane. If you want to go to the city center 65 kilometers away, you can reach the city center with Bay-Tur, which can be considered as the Havaş of Denizli.

Our first stop is Kaklık Cave, the closest sightseeing place to the airport. Famous for its sulfur smell, this cave is also known as Little Pamukkale because of the travertine formations inside. This beautiful cave, which emerged by the collapse of the soil, contains the clearest waters you can see.

Denizli Kaklik Magarasi Gezilecek Yerler
Denizli Kaklik Magarasi Gorulecek Yerler

The next destination is Denizli City Forest, 42min/43km from Kaklık Cave. But not for the forest, but to take the cable car, which was recently built and allows us to go up to Bağlarbaşı Plateau. The cable car takes us to the top of the hill in 6 minutes and from there we take a 100 meter minibus ride to 1400 meters altitude. Although it looks more like a park than a plateau, the cable car is a nice experience.

Denizli Teleferik Manzarasi
Denizli Baglarbasi Yaylasi

When you return from the cable car, we visit Atatürk and Ethnography Museum in the city center. The house where Atatürk stayed during his Denizli trip in 1931 was opened to the public as a museum. In the museum, you can see the rooms where Atatürk stayed and worked as well as jewelry, clothes and materials reflecting Denizli culture.

Denizli Etnografya Muzesi Sancak
Denizli Ataturk Evi Muzesi Gezi Rehberi

The next stop is the ancient city of Laodikeia not far away. This city is the best surviving ancient city in Denizli. This city was very important in Anatolia in its time.

Then you can go to see the world famous Pamukkale travertines. It is recommended to leave this part for Sunday. Because not only Pamukkale travertines, but also the ancient city of Hierapolis with its theater and necropolis, which will take you a few hours in total, will be on our sightseeing route. If you wish, you can also spare 2 hours to swim in Pamukkale Ancient Swimming Pool.

Hierapolis Antik Kenti Tiyatrosu Gezisi
Hierapolis Antik Kenti Tiyatrosu

One of the reasons why we recommend Pamukkale on Sunday is to take advantage of the thermal waters while you are in Denizli. You should definitely allocate a few hours of your trip to one of the Denizli hotels with thermal waters. Umut Hotel is a little far from the city center, but we were very pleased with it. You can have a very pleasant time in the hotel with mud bath, Turkish bath and thermal pools.

Umut Otel Pamukkale Gezisi
Umut Otel Pamukkale Termal Havuzu

Denizli does not only consist of what we have visited, of course. Denizli also attracts attention with its natural formations such as Keloğlan Cave, Güney Waterfall, Yeşildere Waterfall. We recommend you to spare some time for other places to visit outside the center of Denizli. You can review the travel guide we have prepared for the places we mentioned here.

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