Best 3 Day Itinerary in Prague, Czechia


We share the best way to visit Prague (Praha), which was once the capital of Czechoslovakia and means doorstep, in 3 days. Of course, there is much more to Prague, but for those who have limited time, we will see many of the must-see places in Prague in 3 days.

Things to Do in Prague: Day 1

We start our visit to Prague, one of the most important cities of Europe that reeks of history, from the surroundings of Prague Castle. However, we thought that Prague Castle should be an article in itself and we wrote about it in detail.

Petrin Tower

After Prague Castle, we headed to Petrin Hill. Just like Prague Castle, Petrin Hill is also high up and has a great view of Prague. Just like Prague Castle, we have included the step-by-step things to do on a separate page, because Petrin Hill deserves it too.

By the end of the Prague Castle and Petrin Hill tour, it is already evening. You can retire to your hotel to rest or you can walk the streets of Prague to breathe the evening air of Prague.

Things to Do in Prague: Day 2

We are on our 2nd day in the medieval city of Prague. Today we will be near the Vltava River that divides Prague in two, beautiful museums and historical buildings await us.

Franz Kafka Museum

On the first stop of the 2nd day, we visit the Franz Kafka Museum, which makes Prague meaningful. Located next to the Vitava River, the Kafka Museum exhibits artifacts that touch Kafka’s life. Letters, stories, handwritings, memories of his father who made him lose his courage and the women who came into his life are united in this museum. You can examine the works of Franz Kafka in a dark environment accompanied by depressive music.

Kafka Muzesi Adam Heykelleri
Kafka Muzesi Bas Karakter

The World’s Narrowest Street

From the Kafka Museum we walk towards Charles Bridge, the most famous bridge in Prague. Not very far, a few meters ahead we see the narrowest street in the world. The street is so narrow that two people cannot pass at the same time. That’s why they put the pedestrian version of traffic lights on both sides of the street. The street leads down to a restaurant by the river, so there is no need to enter.

Vicolo Stretto Prag Gezisi En Dar Sokak

When we come to the end of the bridge, we see a bridge with locks hanging on the left side. Beyond the bridge, there is a place where boat trips are organized and where the vehicles depart for those who want to see Prague from the water.

Prag Charles Koprusu Tekneleri
Prag Charles Koprusu Tekne Koprusu

St. Nicholas Church

We pass this place and continue to the right at the end of the bridge. Our goal is to go up to the bell tower and the clock tower at the corner of St. Nicholas Church on Malostranske nam. There are several rooms that you can see while climbing up to the clock tower next to the big green domed building. The living room, bedroom and kitchen belong to working families. However, the rooms are not cozy and warm.

Prag Nicholas Kilisesi Kule Odasi
Prag Nicholas Kilisesi Kule Mutfagi

The view from the tower is really beautiful. Due to its location, you can see many of the surrounding buildings from here, from Petrin Tower to Charles Bridge. I especially recommend going up this tower.

Prag St Nicholas Kilisesi Can Kulesi
Prag St Nicholas Kilisesi Can Kulesi Manzarasi

John Lennon

John Lennon, one of the members of The Beatles, also has a monumental wall in Prague. The wall, which you can see when you turn towards Lázeňská on the right side on your way to Charles Bridge, used to have only John Lennon’s graffiti, but now every tourist adds different meanings to it. So the ever-changing John Lennon Wall represents free spirits.

John Lennon Duvari Prag
John Lennon Duvari Prag Gezilecek Yerler

When we continue about 30 meters towards the river, we pass over a bridge built over a small canal. Many people have put locks on the shelters of this bridge over the Certovka canal to immortalize their love.

Prag Certovka Kanali Kilitleri
Prag Certovka Kanali

Crawling Baby Sculptures

Then we will visit one of the extraordinary works of David Cerny, a well-known artist in Prague. The 3 gigantic statues of babies, which you can see before coming to the Kampa Museum, attract the attention of those who come to the park. Who wouldn’t be interested in these crawling babies.

Prag Emekleyen Bebekler Heykelleri
Prag Emekleyen Bebekler Heykeli

Kampa Museum

Kampa Museum, one of Prague’s modern art galleries, was opened in 2003. It can be preferred because it is next to the Vltava River and located in a large park. The museum, which has a structure similar to the Modern Arts in Istanbul, has constantly changing exhibitions. It is located right next to the crawling baby statues.

Prag Kampa Muzesi At Heykeli
Prag Kampa Muzesi Sanat Eserleri

Dancing House

One of the popular tourist spots in Prague is a company building called the Dancing House. It attracts a lot of attention due to the presence of traditional buildings around it, and it really gives the feeling of dancing. Trams 17 and 21 pass in front of this building.

Prag Dans Eden Ev
Prag Dans Eden Ev Mimari

When you return from your visit to the Dancing House and head towards the Charles Bridge, you will see a café called Kavarna Slavia on the right side of the Vltava River. If you love Nazım Hikmet, you will be happy to learn that Nazım Hikmet spent some of his time here when he lived in Prague between 1956 and 1958 and wrote some of his poems about Prague here.

A Czech painter named Viktor Oliva, who saw Nazım Hikmet, even painted a picture of him. The painting still hangs on the wall of the café. In the painting, Nazım Hikmet is depicted drinking absinth, and it is thought that a person who drinks absinth hallucinates. For this reason, a woman the color of the drink is sitting at the table.

Prag Kavarna Slavia Nazim Hikmet
Prag Nazim Hikmet Resmi

Bedrich Smetana Museum

We walk towards Charles Bridge and enter the museum of Bedrich Smetana, the founder of Czech music. The museum is located near the foot of the bridge.  Located a few meters south of Charles Bridge, the Bedrich Smetana Museum brings together those who are curious about the life of the classical music composer Smetana.

Bedrich Smetana Nota Defteri
Bedrich Smetana Muzesi Interaktif Muzik

Charles Bridge

Then we head towards Charles Bridge, the first bridge connecting the two sides of Prague, which attracts a lot of tourists. Charles Bridge over the Vltava River has a wonderful view. The bridge, whose crossings are controlled and protected thanks to the towers on both sides, gives a tremendous feeling with about 30 sculptures. It is also possible to go up to the towers on both sides of the castle and watch Charles Bridge from different angles. We went up the tower on the Old Town side and we were very pleased.

Prag Charles Koprusu Gezilecek Yerler
Prag Kuleden Karl Koprusu

If you want to learn more about Charles Bridge, visit the Karluv Most Museum next to the tower on the Old Town side. Here you can learn about the construction of the castle, its construction and techniques.

Prague Lego Museum

And in the evening we are at the Lego Museum. There is no one who doesn’t know Lego. Since it is open until 20:00 in the evening, we decided to leave it for last. The museum is very big and has a large collection. If you are traveling with children, this museum is for you.

Prag Lego Muzesi Odalari
Prag Lego Muzesi Oyun Legolari

Prague Sex Machines Museum

After leaving the Lego Museum, we go to the Museum of Sex Machines located close to the Old Town Square. This place is open until 23:00, so we can leave it late. In the museum, we can closely see sex toys, tools and machines used in previous centuries. It is a very different museum, check it out if you want to see what has happened until today.

Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Oyuncaklar
Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Sihirli Kutu Bolmesi

We end our day after leaving the museum.

Things to Do in Prague: Day 3

On the 3rd and last day of Prague, one of the most beautiful cities of Central Europe, we will be in and around Old Town square. Among the places to visit, you should walk as much as possible and examine the historical buildings around you.

Astronomical Clock Tower

Finally today we have a chance to see the astronomical clock and the square where it stands. The astronomical clock is one of the most magnificent clocks built in the Middle Ages. It is possible to go up to the tower where the clock is located, but you should also visit the complex of buildings that the clock tower is connected to, and visit the cities that preceded Prague. You need to join tours for this.

You should enter the Astronomical Clock Tower through the entrance to the left of the red building and head up the stairs to the hall on the right. If you have a Prague Card, you can visit the tower and historical halls for free. I highly recommend you to join these tours.

Prag Astronomik Saat Gezilecek Yerler
Prag Old Town Yeralti Turu

After about 3 hours of historical sightseeing, we exit through the lower gate of the astronomical clock. Old Town Square is a great area for sightseeing. An important building that attracts attention from the view of the astronomical clock or Old Town Square is the Tyn Church with its majestic twin towers 80 meters high. Tyn Church is one of the churches built during the reign of Charles IV. It has a wonderful Gothic architecture that is worth a long look.

Prag Tyn Kilisesi
Prag Tyn Kilisesi Arkasi

After wandering around here for a while, since we had a Prague Card, we entered a gallery behind the Old Town Square. House at the Stone Bell is one of the most important buildings of Gothic architecture in Prague. Since 1988 it has been serving as the gallery of the city of Prague.

Prag Sehir Galerisi Barok Mimari
Prag Sehir Galerisi Sergi Salonu

Prague National Museum

We leave Old Town Square and take the metro from the nearest station and get off at Muzeum, where the National Museum in Prague is located. The original National Museum is under renovation and the new modern building for this museum is quite beautifully designed.

The new National Museum has a collection of many things you can think of. Of course, these collections are mostly about human and animal creatures. Skeletons, mummies, archaeological finds or original size reconstructions of extinct or living animals will take you to a different world. This museum is also very important and worth a visit.

Prag Ulusal Muze Kurbaga Fosili
Prag Ulusal Muze Vahsi Hayvanlar

Museum of Communism

We leave the museum and take the metro to Mustek stop. You can also walk if you want. Our aim is to see the Museum of Communism. The Museum of Communism is a museum about the communist regime and the political events that marked the history of Czechoslovakia, of which Prague was the capital.

Prag Komunizm Muzesi Fuze
Prag Komunizm Muzesi Lenin Heykeli

Powder Tower

Wandering through the magnificent streets of Prague, we arrive at the Powder Tower. After the 17th century, Powder Tower was used as a gunpowder storehouse and was one of the 13 gates used to enter the Old Town. This is another one of the towers we prefer to climb and the view is great.

Prag Powder Tower Gezisi
Prag Powder Tower Manzarasi

Franz Kafka Memorial

We are going to see the monument to Kafka, who is synonymous with Prague, built in 2003. Located on the connecting road between Dušní Street and Vězeňská Street, the statue is 3.75 meters long and weighs 800 kg. The Kafka Monument, commissioned by the Franz Kafka Association in Prague, is a beautiful work of art depicting the writer’s personality. In the sculpture by Czech sculptor Jaroslav Röna, we see a mini Kafka riding on a body-less outfit.

Prag Kafka Aniti Heykeli

Jewish Quarter

The neighborhood where the Kafka Monument is located is a Jewish neighborhood. There are many synagogues built by Jews living in this neighborhood. It is possible to visit all of these synagogues. We have covered this in more detail in a separate article named Jewish Quarter Josefov

If you are going to include the synagogues in your sightseeing plan, you should time your visit well. After visiting these synagogues, we come to the end of the day and complete our trip.