Kahta Castle

Kahta Castle

Kahta Castle, another historical building that visitors want to see in Adıyaman, is located in Kocahisar Village, 60 kilometers from the city center.

Built by the Kommegene Kingdom and later restored by the Mamluks, the historical castle is called Adıyaman New Castle by some, while others call it Old Kahta Castle. The castle we visited is located on the borders of Mount Nemrut National Park, close to Arsemia. There are ruins such as a bazaar, dungeon and mosque in the castle and there is also a waterway reaching the ancient city of Arsemia.

Kahta Adiyaman Yeni Kale Gezisi

Although it is 500 meters as the crow flies from the ruins of Arsemia, where Hercules’ handshake scene is located, it is necessary to go around the south of the ruins of Arsemia since there is no road. After Arsemia, on the road that divides into two, you will see the castle on the right. On the way to the castle, make sure to stop at the bridge built during the Seljuk period and watch the canyon next to it.

Kahta Selcuklu Koprusu
Kahta Selcuklu Koprusu Kanyonu

The castle was closed to visitors due to a restoration project by the Municipality of Adıyaman and we could only see it from a distance. But when you are in Arsemia, make sure to stop by the castle even if it is closed. If it’s still early and you haven’t had breakfast yet, you can have a drink at Cafe Rome near the castle and have breakfast with a view of the castle.