Ankara Castle

It is not known when Ankara Castle was built by whom, but it is known to have existed as early as the 2nd century BC. Each ruler who took over the area where the castle is located made various repairs and additions to the castle, and it took its final form during the Ottoman period.

The castle consists of an inner castle that covers the high part of the hill where it is located and an outer castle that covers the old city of Ankara from the outside. The inner castle, in particular, has been very difficult to besiege throughout history because it is located on a 110-meter-high hill and surrounded by rocks.

Ankara Kalesi Manzarasi
Ankara Kalesi Gezilecek Yerler

The road to Ankara Castle starts opposite the Rahmi Koç Museum. The main entrance to the castle is through the Hisar Gate right next to the Ankara Clock Tower. Since Ankara Castle is on a hill, you have to walk for a while or climb the stairs.

As you walk towards the castle, you pass by old Ankara houses. These houses were built during the Ottoman period and resemble Safranbolu. Today, most of the houses have been restored, but the ones that have not been restored look as if they would fall if we blew on them.

On the way, there are also vendors selling small ornaments and souvenirs such as magnets and key chains. In the houses, some of which are used as shops, there are fabric sellers, carpet sellers and antique dealers. There are even houses used as galleries where various paintings are exhibited.

Ankara Kalesi Duvarlari
Ankara Kalesi Manzaralari

When you climb to the top of the Ankara Castle, one of the most important symbols of Ankara, you are greeted with a view of Ankara and you can see many points of Ankara. However, since the area where the castle is located is a protected area, shanties cannot be demolished, which causes visual pollution in the already neglected castle.

Ankara Kalesi Insanlari
Ankara Kalesi Gecekondulari

There is no charge to go up to Ankara Castle, the entrance is free of charge and on weekends the castle is full of young people with no jobs, except for a few groups coming for touristic purposes. The closed areas of the castle are used as toilets by people.

If you are going by car, you may have parking problems. Because that area is small and busy. Moreover, different types of people may ask you to pay for parking without giving you a receipt. Since it is not a safe and secure place, it is not recommended to go up to the castle especially in the evening.