Arykanda Ancient City

Arykanda Ancient City

The name of the ancient city of Arykanda, which is located in the Finike district of Antalya and is about 4 thousand years old, derives from the Lycian word Anykawanda, which means Place Next to the High Rock. The fact that it is located at the foot of a big mountain confirms this.

Information about Arykanda Ancient City

Considering the suffix Anda; it is possible to say that the ancient city has existed since 2,000 BC. Discovered in 1838 by the traveler Charles Fellows; the ancient city was unearthed by Prof. Cevdet Bayburtoğlu of Ankara University from 1971 to 2013.

Arykanda Hamam
Arykanda Lahit

The agora of the ancient city of Arykanda with 12 shops side by side reflects the best example of the Hellenistic period. Inside the rooms there are preserved mosaics. After passing the houses with mosaics on their floors, you can go up to the upper parts of the city via the steps on the left side. The lower agora, the odeon, which was used as a parliament during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, the theater and the 117-meter-long stadium with one-sided seating.

Arykanda Antik Kenti Asagi Agora Odalari Mozaik
Arykanda Antik Kenti Asagi Agora Gezilecek Yerler

The higher you go, the better the view of the ancient city of Arykanda and the city looks. When you continue past the theater, you encounter the upper agora. The theater in the Ancient City of Arykanda has a Greek plan and has 20 seating rows. It was built together with the Stadion, which was built in the 1st century BC and 1st century AD using the same architectural elements and was used until the 6th century AD.

Arykanda Stadion
Arykanda Antik Kenti Gorulecek Yerler

Arykanda is a large city with its theater, streets with stairs, Hellos Temple, basilica, agoras and baths. At the bottom of the city, you can see the ruins of the baths, which give very beautiful photographs, especially at sunset. There is a necropolis belonging to the ancient city above the baths. In the necropolis, it is possible to see burial chambers and sarcophagi, which are more like monumental tombs. Most of these structures were built in the 2nd century AD.

Arykanda Antik Kenti Hamam Kalintilari
Arykanda Antik Kenti Nekropol

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of Arykanda Ancient City?

Although the date of the first settlement is not clear, the fact that Arykanda’s name is philologically native indicates that it is an old settlement. Built on the slopes of the Bey Mountains, the city is open to visitors as an open-air museum. Arykanda Archaeological Site is open every day of the week between 08:00 – 19:00. Entrance to the Ancient City of Arykanda is paid, free entrance is possible with Müzekart. We scan the Müzekart at the box office on the way to the museum and proceed a little further to park the car.

Where is Arykanda Ancient City and how to get there?

Arykanda Ancient City is located at the 32nd kilometer on the way from Finike to Erikli. When you come to the last turn of the ancient city from the main road, you come to a resting facility. Cars are parked around. Do not park thinking that the ancient city is there. Continue driving in the direction indicated by the brown sign. After 1km you will have an area where you can park your car/