Oymapınar Dam

Oymapınar Dam

Oymapınar Dam is a dam built on the Manavgat River to generate electricity. Its construction was finished in 1984. The height of this concrete structure from the river bed is 185 meters. It is among the biggest in Turkey.

It is possible to reach the level where the highest point of the dam is located by car. The roads are asphalt, but winding. When you climb up, you can see Lake Oymapınar and the Green Canyon together with the big mountains around it. Don’t leave from the observation terrace next to the rock tunnel without watching both Lake Oymapınar and the wonderful view of Manavgat Waterfall.

Oymapinar Baraji Manzarasi
Oymapinar Baraji Golu

There are many activities that can be done around Oymapınar. You can watch Oymapınar region from the top with trekking and climbing. I am sure you will witness magnificent views as you climb to the peaks of the mountains. Bike lovers also prefer Oymapınar for its scenery, nature and roads.

Manavgat Oymapinar Baraji Tekne Turlari
Manavgat Oymapinar Baraji Gezilecek Yerler

Oymapınar Dam boat tours are another activity that can be done. It is possible to explore Oymapınar Dam and the Green Canyon with boat tours organized in the summer months. The tours that start at the dock take you on a 15 km journey through the canyons in the Taurus Mountains. Oymapınar Boat Tours, also known as Green Canyon tours, also offer swimming breaks from time to time. Green Canyon boat tours start around 10:00 and continue until 17:00. If you request, you will be taken to the boats by shuttles from Antalya, Side or certain parts of Alanya.

Manavgat Oymapinar Baraji Doga Parki
Manavgat Oymapinar Baraji Gorulecek Yerler

Oymapınar Dam is 26km from Side. The distance to Manavgat Waterfall is 19 km. Entrance to the area where Oymapınar Dam is located is paid. The officials on the road charged.

Side Waterways

On the right side on the way to Oymapınar Dam, you can see a section of the waterways that provide water transportation to the ancient city of Side on a large area. The water brought from the source of the Manavgat River was distributed to the city in Side. This 44-arched waterway is called Kırkgöz Water Bridge and dates back to the 2nd century AD. The road passes 200 meters away from the waterway. You have to walk 200 meters from the field to get to the waterway.

Manavgat Oymapinar Side Su Yollari Kalintilari
Kırkgöz Water Bridge
Oymapinar Su Kemeri
Oymapınar Aqueduct

The other aqueduct you may encounter is Oymapınar Aqueduct. You can encounter this bridge northeast of Dikmen Village, on the return of Seleukeia Ancient City. There are 4 arches of this bridge that have survived to the present day and it is right on the side of the road.