Antiphellos Ancient City

Wherever there is a beautiful landscape in Antalya, the Lycians have definitely built a city there. They didn’t leave Kaş behind and a settlement was established here, its name was Antiphellos.

Antiphellos is one of the Lycian names of Kaş. Kaş was a port city in ancient times. The main city was the ancient city of Phellos a little above it. That’s why its name was Antiphellos, which means opposite Phellos. However, in time Antiphellos developed, prospered and broke away from Phellos and became a rich city on its own.

Antiphellos Antik Kenti Tiyatrosu Basamaklari
Antiphellos Antik Kenti Tiyatrosu Gezilecek Yerler

Phellos means “stony country”. The ruins of Phellos Ancient City were built on an area 850 meters above the sea. Phellos Ancient City is 10 km from the center of Kaş. After passing Çukurbağ, before reaching Pınarbaşı, you will come across Lycian signs indicating that it is 2km to Phellos. After 2km, you can see a few sarcophagi and tomb structures that have survived to the present day on the Felen Plateau. Coordinate: 36°14’33.91″ N 29°39’48.25″ E

Phellos Ancient City Lycian Way signboard
Phellos Ancient City Lycian Way signboard

There are not many visible structures from Antiphellos that have survived until today, except for the Antiphellos Ancient Theater at the entrance of the Çukurbağ Peninsula.

Although the surroundings of the theater are very neglected, it has a solid structure that isolates you from your surroundings when you enter the theater. When you go up to the top seating area of the theater, you can admire the view of Kaş and Meis Island once again.

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Antiphellos Antik Kenti Tiyatrosu Kalintilari

Even if you take a short walk in Kaş, you will come across many rock tombs and sarcophagi in and around Kaş. We often see these tombs in the Limanağzı area, around the theater, and around Cumhuriyet Square. However, the most important tomb that has survived to the present day is the King’s sarcophagus built in the 4th century BC and located at the upper entrance of the Long Bazaar. There is not much information about the sarcophagus, but it is quite impressive with its single block structure.

Antiphellos Antik Kenti Kaya Mezarlari
Antiphellos Antik Kenti Kral Kaya Mezari

Where is the ancient city of Antiphellos and how to get there?

The ancient city is scattered throughout Kaş, but as we said, the theater is intact. Therefore, let’s describe the theater. From the center of Kaş, head west, past Kaş Harbor, towards the Çukurbağ Peninsula on Necipbey Street. You will see various temples on the left, and when you pass them, you will see the Antiphellos theater on the right.