Antwerp City Card: Best Way to Save Money in Antwerp

Antwerp City Card is the key to unlocking the best the city has to offer, whether you’re visiting for a weekend or a week. With just one card, you’ll have access to the best sights, museums and discounts all over the city. Plus, you get an Antwerp guidebook as a gift.

What are the benefits of the Antwerp City Card?

There are many advantages to getting a city card while in Antwerp, a city with many tourist attractions. It offers free or discounted entry to many museums and tourist attractions, boat tours, free public transportation, discounts at restaurants, cafes and shops, and many other things a tourist might need.

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Antwerp Museum Pass
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Antwerp Travel Pass

For example, you can compare the cost of 3 important museums in Antwerp with the card fee to find out if they are affordable. This shows that buying a card is advantageous. Calculate the total cost of Cathedral of Our Lady, MAS museum and Rubens House and compare it with the card prices. Antwerp City Card is definitely more advantageous.

How to use the Antwerp City Card?

The card is available for 24, 48 and 72 hours. As soon as you start using the card, your time starts. You cannot visit a museum you have visited a second time. Therefore, make sure you explore a museum thoroughly.

Detailed information about all the advantages of the Antwerp City Card can be found in the booklet that comes with the card or on their website. Both of these sources should be your guide while sightseeing.

Public transportation in Antwerp with Antwerp City Card

You can also use your Antwerp City Card to get around the city for free. As long as your Antwerp City Card is active, you can use the city buses. Places to visit in Antwerp city center are within walking distance of each other. However, if you want to go to MAS museum and Middelheim Park, you need to take a bus.

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How to buy the Antwerp City Card?

The city card can be purchased at the Tourist Information Office at Grote Mark 13, the airport, some hotels in Antwerp, the Tourist Information Office at Central Station.


Antwerp City Card is the perfect way to discover everything the city has to offer. With discounts on attractions, museums and public transportation, the card pays for itself in no time. If you want to visit the city as a short-term tourist, you should consider the Antwerp City Card.