Anzac Cove: 1915 Gallipoli War Turkey and Lone Pine Cemetery

Anzac Cove was made famous by the landing of the Anzacs during the 1915 Gallipoli War.

Anzac Cove is 600 meters long and surrounded by the hills of Arıburnu. The Anzacs used this place as their main base during the Gallipoli War.

You have done the hard part, now dig, dig, dig until you are safe. – General Sir Ian Hamilton, British Commander-in-Chief

The word Anzac is formed from the initials of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Anzacs has become a term that includes all the soldiers in the organization as a result of the cooperation of Australia and New Zealand.

Sir, we are losing good men in a blink of an eye. – Joseph Gasparich, New Zealand soldier, May 8, 1915

The Anzacs, who suffered many casualties in the Gallipoli Land Wars, have a national day every year on April 25, commemorating the soldiers and civilians who lost their lives. Because of the heavy losses suffered by the Anzac forces fighting on the Gallipoli Front on April 25, April 25 was declared Anzac Day.

Anzak Koyu Genis

Every year, Anzacs come to Anzac Cove to visit the place where their ancestors landed and fought. April 25 is a national holiday in Australia and New Zealand.

Atatürk’s message to the mothers of the Anzac soldiers who died in the Battle of Gallipoli and whose graves are on Turkish soil, is delivered to visitors in a large monument.

Heroes who shed their blood on the soil of this Motherland! You are here on the soil of a friendly homeland. Sleep in peace and tranquility. You are side by side with the Mehmetçiks. Mothers who sent their sons to war from distant lands! Please stop your tears. Your sons are in our bosom, they are at peace and they will sleep in peace. After they have given their lives in this land, they have become our sons.

Lone Pine Cemetery and Monument

Following the April 25, 1915 land battles, many soldiers lost their lives in Kanlısırt, where intense battles were fought with the landings made by the Australians and New Zealanders.

The British encountered a pine tree in this area and named it Lone Pine, meaning Lone Pine. The battle that took place here has gone down in history as the point where the Battle of Bloody Ridge, the bloodiest and most difficult battle in Australian history, took place.

Lone Pine Aniti Sapel
Lone Pine Mezarligi

This area is located on a large area of land. On April 25, the Anzacs invaded this area, but were unable to establish themselves due to the attack of the 27th Regiment. Between April 25 and 28 and between May 1 and 19, Kanlısırt was the scene of fierce fighting, with heavy casualties on both sides. Especially after the successful attack on August 6, some Turkish trenches were captured by the Anzacs.

In this cemetery, which we come across after the Mehmetçik Respect Monument, the memory of thousands of soldiers lives on in this cemetery where New Zealand and Australian soldiers predominate. In the semi-symbolic grave, 668 identified and 499 unidentified people lie.