Assos Ancient City and Behramkale

Among the ancient cities in Turkey, we turn our route to the ancient city of Assos, one of the must-see historical places with its fascinating view, and Behramkale Village, which fascinates with its stone houses and welcomes tourists in all four seasons of the year.

Assos history

The region where the ancient city of Assos is located was called Troas in ancient times. This region also includes the ancient city of Troy in the south of the Dardanelles.

It already got its name from the Trojans. This historical city with a view of Lesbos Island was built on the top of a volcanic hill on the sea side, as can be seen from the color of its stones.

Founded in the 7th century BC by the Methymnians and Aeolians from the island of Lesbos, the first scientific excavation in the city was started in 1881 by the American Archaeological Institute.

Throughout history, Lydia, Persia, Pergamon and the Romans dominated these lands, and the artifacts to be visited and seen have partially survived to the present day. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, known as Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers of the world and the father of logic, lived in this city for 3 years.

Aristotle, who founded a school of philosophy, was the teacher of the philosopher Kleanthes. Paul of Tarsus, the founder of the Pauline Churches, has an important place in the New Testament and the Gospel of Luke. The city, which was visited by St. Paul, is therefore considered sacred by Christians.

Assos Antik Kenti Nerede Nasil Gidilir
Assos Tapinagi

If you are coming to the hill where the ancient city is located with your private car, you first need to find a place where you can park your car. Since the roads leading to the summit of the city are mostly used as parking lots, parking is not a problem.

After leaving your car in a suitable place, you need to make a small climb to the summit through Behramkale Village with its cobblestone streets. During this climb, you have the opportunity to get to know Behramkale Village more closely.

This area used to be surrounded by castle walls, but these walls have been demolished until today. Every road leading to the ancient city is full of stalls. From headscarves to wooden toys, from mountain thyme to spices and olive oil, there are many things for sale.

Assos Antik Kenti Behramkale Gezilecek Yerler
Behramkale Village is one of the places where tours are organized by schools.
Assos Antik Kenti Behramkale Gorulecek Yerler
Everywhere along the village road is full of souvenir and food stands.

Assos is now known as Behramkale. When you climb to the summit of Behramkale, you will see that the best surviving structure is the Temple of Athena.

Built on the highest point of the city, the Doric Temple of Athena was dedicated to Athena, daughter of Zeus and one of the 12 Olympian gods, to protect the city. You can see a small model of the temple in front of the temple ruins.

The statue of the goddess inside the structure was taken back to their country by the Americans in the 1800s. At the top of the hill, besides the Temple of Athena, you can also see the Gymnasium, which met the sporting needs of the city.

Assos Antik Kenti Gezi Notlari
Assos Athena Temple Ruins
Assos Antik Kenti Gymnasium Kalintilari
Historical Gymnasium Ruins

You can also see a Byzantine church and a cistern and the ruins of an Ottoman mosque. On the way to the Temple of Athena, there is a sketch of the area, I suggest you look at it before entering and see which historical building is where. The ruins at the summit are the acropolis ruins of the ancient city.

Assos Antik Kenti Manzara Fotograflari
There is no doubt that the view from Assos is excellent, but I have my eye on something better.

After visiting the summit enough, let me remind you that the places to see are not limited to this. Hop in your car and head towards the southern slope of the hill, facing towards the sea. You will see a gate.

The remaining part of the ancient city of Assos is located here. It is still an excavation site, so it is not possible to enter inside, but you can see the theater with the summit where the Temple of Athena is located, albeit from a distance.

Assos Antik Kenti Tiyatrosu
Amphitheater of the Ancient City of Assos
Assos Antik Kenti Antik Liman
Historic Ancient Port in Assos

A little further down the road you reach the ancient harbor. The ancient harbor area is more of a touristic area.

I should especially mention that you should not enter the harbor area by car when the visitors are intense, you cannot even turn back. There is no road beyond the harbor, you will go back anyway.

For this reason, park your car next to the vehicles you will see before going to the harbor area. There are parking lots and attendants there. If you do not throw away the parking ticket at the summit, the same ticket is valid here and you can park without paying a fee.

Behramkale Bridge

Another historical building you should visit when you go to Assos is Behramkale Bridge, which is close to Assos Ancient City. The bridge, which preserves its originality, was built over Tuzla Stream in the 14th century. Vehicles are not allowed to pass over it, but you can visit on foot.

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of Assos Ancient City?

The entrance to the Ancient City of Assos is paid and Müzekart is valid. Opening time is 08:00 every day of the week, closing time is 19:30 in summer season and 17:00 in winter season.

Where is Assos Ancient City and how to get there?

If you are coming from Izmir, you need to follow the signs for Assos in Küçükkuyu. You will arrive in Assos 25 km after Yeşilyurt.

If you are coming from Çanakkale, you need to drive 20 km to Assos from the Izmir road in Ayvacık. The distance from Istanbul to Assos is 500km (6 hours), from Balıkesir 160km (2 hours 20 minutes), from Bergama 150km (2 hours 30 minutes).

Address: Behramkale Köyü, Ayvacık, Çanakkale