Bedrich Smetane Museum: Founder of Czech Music

Bedrich Smetana Museum, dedicated to the life and works of Bedrich Smetana, the world-famous composer and founder of Czech music in the fairy-tale city of Prague, is waiting for its visitors right next to the Vltava River.

The museum building, which belonged to a water company in Prague, has been serving as a museum since 1936. The building, which has a wonderful view of the Karl Bridge and is located right on the Vtrava River, is a beautiful museum where you can learn about the composer Bedrich Smetana. When you enter the museum, the first hall displays Smetana’s life letters, photographs, newspaper clippings and a small bust sculpture.

Bedrich Smetana Muzesi Genel Salon
Bedrich Smetana Muzesi Gazete Kupurleri

The piano used by the composer Smetana during his lifetime and his worksheets with the notes of his compositions are among the artifacts on display.

Bedrich Smetana Piyanosu
Bedrich Smetana Nota Defteri

The most beautiful and interactive part of the museum is the room with Smetana’s most popular works. There is a lectern in the room. When we stand on the dais and hold the stick to the receivers under the compositions, the music changes and the music of whichever receiver we hold it to starts playing. While we were trying to figure out how it worked, the woman in charge warned us not to switch to another piece of music before it was over. You don’t spend a lot of time in the museum, maximum 15 minutes is enough.

Bedrich Smetana Muzesi Interaktif Muzik

As you leave the building, don’t forget to check out the Charles Bridge from the balcony and the statue of Bedrich Smetana in the garden.