Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake Campground Review in Orlando

Bill Frederick Park was the place we chose to stay during our trip to Orlando in the USA, both because it was in nature and because it was more affordable in terms of cost than staying in hotels. We found this place for a trip to Universal Studios and Walt Disney theme parks and stayed here for 3 nights.

Bill Frederick Park is quite big and designed for nature lovers. There are different areas for tents and caravans. There are restrooms and shower areas close to the tent area. These areas are cleaned regularly every day, so they are quite clean.

Florida Bill Frederick Park At Turkey Lake Kampi
Florida Bill Frederick Park Cadir Yeri

This is a campsite by the lake, in a natural habitat, with squirrels running around. There is even a pool, but we didn’t go in because we were not prepared for water activities.

No one interferes with anyone. The next morning a group of families came and started the day with yoga and had breakfast. It is a very ideal place to spend time with your family. You are not allowed to light a fire but you can use the grill close to your tent for cooking meals.

The only negative side of the campsite is that there is a highway passing by. Of course there is no horn noise, but the sound of the vehicles may keep you awake if you are sensitive. But earplugs will be the solution to this problem.

Florida Bill Frederick Park At Turkey Cadir Kampi

Turkey Lake, located next to the campground, is a place where you should be careful of alligators like many lakes in America. Since the alligators do not come ashore, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Since there are enough flying insects near the lake to cause discomfort, it is necessary to ignore the invasion of flies and insects in order to reach near the lake. Since the camping area is a bit further into the lake, the flying insects are not so much affected by the crowds.

Florida Bill Frederick Park Kamp Alani Gun Dogumu
Florida Bill Frederick Park Kamp Alani Gun Batimi

With its proximity to Orlando’s most popular theme parks, we had the opportunity to stay without being dependent on the hotels around the theme parks. We had a more economical process by taking our own tent to America.

From Bill Frederick Park tent and RV campground, you can reach major theme and amusement parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, Univarsal’s Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld Orlando within minutes.

Florida Bill Frederick Park Haritasi

If you want to eat, 900 meters north of the entrance to the park, the right side leads to a huge complex of shops and stores.

Here we had a huge pizza from a pizzeria near Subway for about 10 dollars and it lasted us for 3 meals. In the same area, you can also buy something from Publix, one of America’s cheap shopping centers. We bought our drinks here.

Florida Bill Frederick Park Yemek
Florida Bill Frederick Park Tabelasi

How much does it cost to camp in Bill Frederick Park?

Bill Frederick Park campground tent fee is 10$. You also have to pay a one-time entrance fee of 4$ for the first day, no matter how many days you stay.

For caravans, you have to pay 20$ if you want to meet all your needs. Let us remind you that taxes are calculated separately in the American system.

You cannot make an online reservation at the park, but phone reservations are accepted. When you call Bill Frederick Park, we made a reservation by giving our personal information, contact information and credit card information to make the payment.

Where is Bill Frederick Park and how to get there?

Bill Frederick Park closes at 19:00 in summer and 17:00 in winter. Therefore, the gates of the campground will be closed after these hours. If you are going to stay late, you need to call the park and tell them you will be late. The staff will give you a gate code.

You can open the entrance gate with that gate code. If you do not get a gate code, you will be locked out with your vehicle. We had the access code, but since we had pulled up to the gate, we didn’t see where we were going to enter the code in the dark. It turned out to be 20-30 meters behind the gate.

After entering the campground, you need to follow the signs. For transportation to the campground, you drive parallel to the lake until the end of the road.

You cannot bring your car near the tent. But depending on the place allocated to you, the place where you park the vehicle is 40-60 meters away.

Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake Campground is one of the best campgrounds in the area. The location is great. If you are looking for a great place to camp close to Orlando’s famous amusement parks, be sure to check out Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake Campground.