Mindos Gate

Mindos Gate

The Myndos Gate was named Myndos because it faces towards the ancient city of Myndos, which is located on the peninsula and frequently mentioned by ancient writers. The Myndos Gate, built by Mausollos, the king of Halicarnassus in Bodrum, is one of the two monumental gates thought to exist on the walls of Bodrum. The other is called Mylasa (Milas) Gate. The Mindos Gate, which is considered the entrance gate to the city, is thought to have been built around 360 BC.

It is known as the gate that Alexander the Great, who wanted to establish an empire in the world, could not pass through because of the ditches dug in front of it. 7 meters long and 2.5 meters deep, the main purpose of the ditch was to keep war tools such as ram’s horns and catapults away from the walls and towers. However, Alexander the Great broke the line in 333 BC and conquered the city after a tough resistance. Except for the Mausoleum, the entire city was destroyed during the conquest.

Bodrum Myndos Kapisi Gezilecek Yerler
Bodrum Myndos Kapisi Kazilmis Hendek

Myndos Gate, which was restored and opened to visitors with the contributions of Turkcell and Ericsson companies, is worth seeing. The information boards with the ruins and explanations around it were placed with the restoration and visitors were informed about the ruins.

Bodrum Myndos Kapisi Gezisi
Bodrum Myndos Kapisi Halikarnas