Pedasa Ancient City

Pedasa Ancient City

The ancient city of Pedasa is about 3500 years old and excavations are still ongoing. Pedasa is one of the few ancient cities other than Halicarnassus on the Bodrum peninsula and is located 4 km from Bodrum.

Although there is nothing to be seen, it is necessary to say for those interested that Pedasa Ancient City was founded in an area covered with forests. You can only reach the hill where the city is located on foot. In the excavations carried out so far, ruins and finds belonging to a period extending from 2000 BC to the Byzantine period have been found.

Bodrum Pedasa Antik Kenti Gezi Yazisi
Bodrum Pedasa Antik Kenti Gezilecek Yerler

After a part of the Pedasa road, where you proceed through long and narrow roads, through green trees, vehicles are not allowed to pass on the grounds that it is private property. It is an acceptable situation that alcohol and barbecues are also prohibited on the grounds that it is private property. Thus, it was tried to prevent the green area from turning into a garbage dump. However, for those who do not know, it is necessary to put a sign about Pedasa Ancient City. Since the entrance is closed, people who do not enter in order not to break the rules may be deprived of this historical city.

Bodrum Pedasa Antik Kenti Gezi Notlari
Bodrum Pedasa Antik Kenti Gorulecek Yerler

Since the city covers a large area, you need to spend a lot of time on hiking trails. You can reach Çukursarnıç, Konacık, Dağbelen with 4km, 7km and 12km walks. The Lelegs, thought to be one of the pre-Greek peoples of Anatolia, are believed to have settled in the vicinity of Halicarnassos (Bodrum) after the Trojan War. The walking paths on the signboard are also called Leleg paths.

The ancient city, which is still under development, has a long way to go before it is suitable for visitors. It should be said that if you are not particularly interested, you do not need to go to Pedasa Ancient City, you will only see the foundations as many buildings have been demolished.