Bodrum Windmills

It is possible to visit Bodrum windmills, which were built in the middle ages to make the most efficient use of Bodrum’s wind and can be seen from many parts of Bodrum. The windmills are not in very good condition today, but they are among the places you should visit in Bodrum.

Built in the 18th century and used until the 1970s, you can go inside the windmills and examine them closely. In January, the inscriptions on the windmills had been repainted, but when I went inside one of the windmills in the spring, I saw that there was something written on them.

Even though some of the inscriptions were written by some ignorant people, it is very nice to visit these windmills made of stone. The windmills in Bodrum were built using stones quarried from the hills where they are located, which were replaced by motor power after 1970.

However, it is not understandable that only one of the windmills has survived in such a short period of time, while the others have gone to waste. Only one of them has a propeller. The windmill with the propeller is also fenced off to prevent visitors from approaching and damaging it.

Bodrum Yel Degirmenleri Gezisi
Bodrum Yel Degirmenleri Gezi Notlari

The function of the roofs to which the propellers are attached is very important. The propellers attached to the roofs, which were generously oiled underneath for easy rotation, could easily turn in the direction of the wind. Thus, maximum efficiency was achieved by always facing the wind.

Windmills, which have a very high function in Bodrum’s economy, were built to grind wheat. These structures built against the wind had to work every month of the year. Because the flour quickly wormed and molded, people would grind as much wheat as their monthly needs.

Bodrum Yel Degirmenleri Gezilecek Yerler
Bodrum Yel Degirmenleri Gezi Yazisi

It is very easy to reach the windmills between Bodrum and Gumbet Bay, which have one of the most beautiful views of Bodrum. Turn onto Haremtan Street from Osman Nuri Bilgin Street and you will see the windmills on the right.

Park in a suitable place and take a short walk to reach the windmills. This area is located on a hill. By coming to the windmills, you will have the chance to see Bodrum Castle, Gumbet and other places around it from above.