Blagaj Tekija: Amazing Structure Built on a Rock

Blagaj Tekija, also known as Alperenler Tekke or Sarı Saltuk Tekke, is one of the places you should visit on your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina because it is a building built under a giant rock and used by the dervishes who came to this region to spread Islam.

The Tekke Culture started with the Turkish Sufi Hoca Ahmet Yesevi and expanded with these structures opened by his students in lands outside Islam. Sarı Saltuk, one of the disciples of Hacı Bektaş-i Veli, is one of the Alpenes who came here with their warrior and instructor identities. It was built in the 14th century by a Bektash-i dervish named Sarı Saltuk. The Bosnian people, who were introduced to Islam, started to convert to Islam long before the Ottoman conquest.

Bosna Hersek Blagaj Tekkesi Tekija Gezilecek Yerler
Bosnia and Herzegovina/Mostar Attractions - Blagaj Tekija

There is a mausoleum inside the tekke, probably a representation of Sari Saltuk. Blagaj Tekke was built here about 100 years before the Ottoman conquest of Herzegovina in 1465. It is a wooden building with 3 floors in total. Blagaj Tekke is the oldest religious cultural center in the region. This is still going on and today it continues to be used as a center for dervishes. You can come across Mevlit and Zikir Days events in Blagaj Tekke.

One of the most beautiful features of Blagaj Tekke, one of the places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is that it is under the protection of the rock. Blagaj Tekke, which will not be affected by bad weather conditions, is located at the outlet of the Buna River (Vrelo Bune). The emerald-colored water is cool and fresh, which has a refreshing effect. It is possible to visit the cave next to the Tekke by boat for a small fee. It takes about 10 minutes.. It is a short trip accompanied by pigeons nesting under a huge mountain. We think it is enjoyable.

Bosna Hersek Blagaj Tekkesi Tekija Gezi Yazisi
View from the cave during the boat trip
Bosna Hersek Blagaj Tekkesi Tekija Bot Gezisi
Blagaj Tekija - Boat Trip

It is also known as Blagay Tekke because the letter J is pronounced as Y in Bosnian. Around Blagaj Tekke, there are many restaurants and cafes by the river. If you are interested in eating and drinking, you can make use of them. For accommodation, there are many camping sites along the Buna River for both tents and caravans.

Bosna Hersek Blagaj Tekkesi Gezi Notlari
Bosna Hersek Blagaj Tekkesi Buna Nehri Selalesi

Where is Blagaj Tekke and how to get there?

Blagaj Tekke is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the region called Herzegovina Reretva Canton. Blagaj is another sightseeing point that should not be missed by those who plan trips to Sarajevo and Mostar Bridge. The distance between Mostar and Blagay Tekke is 13 km. If you are going with your private car, there are parking lots operated by the same company at different points on the way to the tekke. Depending on the density, you may need to park further back and walk through the souvenir shops.

Above the cave where the tekke is located, there is a castle called Old Town Blagaj Fortress. If you are interested, the entrance is on the north side of the hill, you should walk a bit. Blagaj is 13km from Mostar Bridge, a popular tourist destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can visit Mostar during your visit to Blagaj. 140km further on is Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.