Konjic: Charming Town on the Way to Mostar

Koniçe is a small town that gained its present form during the Ottoman period. Architecturally enriched with houses, mosques and various places of worship in accordance with the Ottoman understanding of city and architecture, Konica is a place where you should definitely spend a few hours with its nature. Especially the Neretva River adds a lot of beauty to the city. The cleanliness of the water, the pleasure of the creatures on the water, the beauty of the water flow, all are worth watching.

Rafting organizations are also organized on the Neretva River, especially at points a little further away from the city center. You can get information from the rafting companies in the center.

Bosna Hersek Konice Neretva Nehri Gezilecek Yerler

You can leave your car in the surrounding parking lots to visit the central part of Konica. Since it is not a very big place, you can see the bridge in the center and its surroundings on foot.

Konjic Bridge

The most important structure of the city is the Stara Cuprija Bridge, the Old Stone Bridge, which is also the National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to an inscription on the bridge, it is an Ottoman bridge built by Ali Aga Hasecic in the 17th century. During World War 2, the bridge was damaged and destroyed by the Germans, but was actually rebuilt accordingly. In the 21st century, after restorations carried out in cooperation with TIKA, which organizes Turkey’s foreign aid, it took its present form. This 6-arch bridge, which is about 90 meters long, is a must-see during your visit to Konica. There is also an area next to the bridge where you can park your car.

Konice Gezilecek Yerler Eski Kopru Manzarasi
Neretva Nehri Ve Konice Gezi Notlari

In addition to the historical Ottoman bridge, Tito’s Nuclear Bunker named ARK D-0 a little further south is also used for some events today.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Attractions - Konjic Bridge
Bosnia and Herzegovina Attractions - Konjic Bridge

Jablanicko Lake

When we follow the Neretva River from the center of Konica towards Mostar, we come across a magnificent lake. This lake fed by the Neretva River was formed because the valley widened. There are hostels or camping areas around Jablanicko lake, which was formed after the construction of a dam on the Neretva River. You can plan a nice vacation here.

Konice Gorulecek Yerler Jablanicko Golu
Konice Gorulecek Yerler Jablanicko Golu Tatil Beldesi

Boat activities can also be done on the lake. It is not a very stagnant lake in terms of activity. The surrounding area is more like a touristic place. For example, boats, boats, boats can be rented to travel on the lake and hourly trips can be made.

Konice Mostar Yolu Manzara Fotograflari
Konice Neretva Nehri Manzarasi

On the way to Mostar, you drive around this wonderful lake and then along the river for a long time and you see some really beautiful landscapes. If you are traveling with your own car, take advantage of the opportunities and stop at the points where cars can park and take photos of these wonderful places and immortalize them, don’t regret it later.

Where is Konica? How to get there?

While traveling from Sarajevo to Mostar, it is a 60km (1h) drive from Sarajevo. We can consider this place halfway to Mostar Bridge.