Stolac Old Town

Stolac Old Town has been a place where many civilizations, including the Ottoman Empire, have passed through since ancient times. Built as a fortress during the reign of Constantine, the Ottoman rule in the Middle Ages led to the construction of many of the buildings we see today. Towers, fortifications and the remains of mosques are still recognizable.

Stolac Old Town became one of the National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2003 because it is the oldest settlement in the region and witnesses many moments of history.

Stolac Old Town Gezi Notlari
Stolac Old Town Giris Kapisi

The view from the castle is beautiful, the houses of the city are built in a valley and it looks nice because it is not too crowded. The inside of the castle is also big but deserted. When we visited there was not even a single person. It is not popular as a tourist attraction and we don’t pay any entrance fee.

Bosna Hersek Stolac Old Town Tarihi Kaleler
Bosna Hersek Stolac Old Town Tarihi Surlar

When you enter the castle, the castle steps already lead you to the top. When you reach the top, you can have a bird’s eye view of the large area behind the castle.

Stolac Old Town Kasabasi Bosna
Stolac Old Town Gezi Yazisi

Where is Stolac? How to get there?

Located near the intersection of Dubrovnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, Stolac Old Town was a town we stopped by on our way from Blagay Tekke to Kotor, the tourist destination of Montenegro. Old Town is located on a hill and you can drive up to the gate. If you want to drop it down, let’s say that you have to climb on the asphalt road. It can be tiring in hot weather. Therefore, if you have a car, you can go up to the castle gate.