Brugge Belfry Belfort

While wandering through the historic streets of Bruges, you will encounter not only the tallest building in Bruges but also one of its most important symbols, the Bruges Belfry or Belfort. Located next to the historical square of Bruges and built in the 13th century, the symbol of the city must be seen.

It is possible to climb the tower of the building. Since a certain number of visitors are admitted and climbing the tower is a popular activity in Bruges, you may encounter some queues. We waited for about 15 minutes for our turn to enter.

Some parts of the stairs are very narrow and steep, and although you can pull yourself up with a rope in some places, there is no rope in some parts. If you come across someone who believes from above, there is a bit of a jam. However, there are rooms in this tower where you can take a break and rest.

Brugge Belfry Belfort Saat Kulesi
Brugge Belfry Belfort Saat Kulesi Yapisi

As you climb the tower, you will see halls that were once used for commercial purposes. These halls, which used to serve as warehouses for the storage of market goods, are now used as exhibition spaces and provide you with various information about the tower’s structure and history.

Sometimes you come across clock-related mechanisms. You can see the mechanism of the clock you see from the outside from the inside. This tower also serves as a music box. If you come across the working hours of these mechanical instruments called carillon, you will find yourself in a beautiful music concert.

Brugge Belfry Belfort Saat Mekanizmasi
Brugge Belfry Belfort Saat Kulesi Mekanizmasi

The bells in the towers were used to mark the time of the city’s inhabitants, to signal a fire in case of a fire, to regulate working hours, and to announce social, religious and political events. In such cities, bell towers were also used as a storage depot for important files and documents.

Brugge Belfry Belfort Saat Kulesi Hazine Odasi
Brugge Belfry Belfort Saat Kulesi Can

The total number of steps you have to climb is 366. The most important reason for getting so tired is the panoramic view of Bruges. You can see the whole city from the top of the tower. Reaching the top of the tower makes you feel like you have won a war.

Of course, it is enjoyable to reach the top and watch the view. But you do it from behind the wire guards. I don’t like wire guards because they prevent me from taking proper photos. Still, climbing the 83-meter-tall tower is a must-do activity in Bruges.

Brugge Belfry Belfort Saat Kulesi Panoramik Manzara
Brugge Belfry Belfort Saat Kulesi Kilise Manzarasi

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of Brugge Belfry?

Entrance to Bruges Belfort paid, you can visit every day of the week between 09:30 – 18:00.