Cesky Krumlov Mirror Labyrinth

There is a mirror maze in Cesky Krumlov to pass some time and have some fun. If you’ve never been in a mirror maze before, this is a first for you.

The mirror maze has a similar style to the mirror maze on Petrin Hill in Prague. First of all, they put a nylon glove on your hand so that your hand does not touch the mirrors and leave a mark. It is preferable to visit the mirror labyrinth where you get lost when you enter and have a hard time finding your way out, it seems like there are many paths everywhere but there is only one way out.

Cezky Krumlov Ayna Labirenti Gezilecek Yerler

In another room in the area where the mirror labyrinth is located, there are mirrors that make you look fat, thin, tall or crooked. Every building in Cesky Krumlov can be easily found by the numbers on it. The mirror labyrinth is located at Sıroka 52.

Cezky Krumlov Ayna Labirenti Yamuklar
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