Cinquantenaire Museum: The Best Art Museums In Brussels

Cinquantenaire Museum, one of the royal museums, offers many artifacts in the fields of culture, art and history. It is located in the Cinquantenaire Park, inside the centuries-old building built during the reign of King Leopold II.

There are four main categories in the museum. These are; the Archaeology Section, where archaeological finds and treasures made in Belgium are exhibited, the Antiquities Section, where works of art and antiquities from the Mediterranean and the Near East are exhibited, the European Decorative Art from the Middle Ages to the 1930s, and the Non-European Civilizations Section, where works from the Islamic World, India, East Asia, Oceania are exhibited.

Bruksel Cinquantenaire Muzesi Cam Eserler
Bruksel Cinquantenaire Muzesi Toprak Eserler

Throughout history, wealthy people have enjoyed small, precious and exquisitely crafted accessories. In the 18th and 19th centuries, these elegant accessories became very fashionable.

Boxes, perfume bottles, candy jars and many other materials were routine objects in everyday life. We see sections of glass artifacts as well as clay artifacts in the museum.

Bruksel Cinquantenaire Muzesi Tarih Oncesi Kafalar
Bruksel Cinquantenaire Muzesi Tarih Oncesi Kafatasi

There are also exhibits on human evolution in prehistory. Bone remains found during archaeological excavations are modeled and you can visualize what prehistoric humanity looked like.

The houses and clothes that the prehistoric human race built to feed, feed, and sustain their daily lives appear like a story in the form of small model models. They were animated in miniature. In the same hall, we also see the materials used by prehistoric people.

Bruksel Cinquantenaire Muzesi Tarih Oncesi Insanlar
Bruksel Cinquantenaire Muzesi Arkeolojik Buluntular

The only negative aspect of the museum is that there are no English explanations in the halls where these rare artifacts are exhibited or on the panels around the artifacts.

Bruksel Cinquantenaire Muzesi Sergi Salonlari
Bruksel Cinquantenaire Muzesi Arkeolojik Eserler

It is normal to have explanations in their local languages, but for tourists who do not speak the local languages, the panels do not mean anything.

What are the entrance fee and opening hours of Cinquantenaire Museum?

Museum entrance paid, but if you have a Brussels Card you can enter for free. The museum can be visited from Tuesday to Friday from 09:30 to 17:00, on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 17:00, and closed on Mondays.

Bruksel Cinquantenaire Muzesi Gezilecek Yerler
Bruksel Royal Art History Museum Binasi

Where is the Cinquantenaire Museum?

The Cinquantenaire Museum is located in the south of the Cinquantenaire Park, in the building next to the Autoshow. To get here, you can take bus lines 22, 27, 80 to Merode station, bus lines 12, 21, 22, 36, 60, 79 to Schuman station, tram lines 61, 81 to Merode station, metro lines 1 and 5 to Merode or Schuman stations and take a 10-minute walk.