Cirali Travel Guide and Advises

Cirali Travel Guide and Advises

Çıralı, located within the borders of Olympos Beydağlar National Park in Kemer district, is a small region preferred by many tourists especially during the summer season because of its beach. In fact, there are many reasons to prefer this place. Factors such as natural beauties, beautiful sea, comfort of people are among the main reasons for you to love Çıralı.

Cirali is a place built in a very small area. It is located in a bay with high rocky hills on both sides. It is a place frequented by those who want to relax, rest and get away from the chaos of big cities. In this quiet holiday resort at the foot of Mount Tahtali, it is forbidden to light lights on the beach at night. This dark environment makes the stars look spectacular. Çıralı is one of the places where you can leave your worries behind and have a nice vacation.

Cirali Beach

How is the sea and sand of Cirali beach? You don’t have many options about where to swim in Çıralı and Çıralı beaches. There is a 3.2 km long beach in Cirali and the beach shares a part of it with Olympos Beach. Cirali Beach consists of fine-grained stones. Çıralı’s sea is very clean, deepens quickly, but it is a pleasant place to swim. Both the beauty of the sea and the high mountains around it increase this taste even more. I recommend you to swim in the sea especially in the evening after the sun sets. The businesses do not have their own beaches, everyone can swim anywhere in Çıralı. The beach is also wide. The beach area, which is 100 meters on average in central places, can reach 250 meters towards the north of Çıralı.

Çıralı beach is also a breeding ground for the endangered caretta carettas. For this reason, the area has been declared a Grade 1 protected area. Any construction is forbidden, this is how Çıralı has preserved its naturalness. Since Çıralı beach is the breeding area of caretta turtles, situations that may damage the nests such as planting umbrellas are prohibited. There is also no light pollution in these areas as no lights are lit.

What to eat in Cirali?

There are many restaurant establishments in Cirali. We can recommend Çıralı Restaurant, one of the most economical establishments in Çıralı. Gözleme is the most suitable and satisfying option among the meals. Flatbread prices are generally the same and flatbread is eaten the most in this type of holiday destination. Since it is hot, other doughy foods can be heavy. If you have a camping stove, you can prepare more suitable food for yourself. There are a few small markets in the center, you can get your needs from there.

Where to stay in Cirali?

The cheapest accommodation option near the beach in Çıralı is to pitch a tent. There are camping areas and businesses in Çıralı where you can pitch a tent. Some hostels also rent tent areas in their gardens. Each of them is about 100 – 200 meters from the sea. They are generally close to the sea and all have shower facilities.

Yoruk Park Pansiyon Otel Konaklama
Kemer Yoruk Parki Pansiyon Restoran

Since setting up a tent is the most convenient and economical solution for us, we first find out whether there are tent facilities in the places we will go. Çıralı is already a small place. For this reason, if you want to go during the holiday season, be sure to make your reservations a few days in advance, there may not be enough space.

What are the places to visit around Cirali?

When you come to Cirali, you will definitely have something to do. The most popular of Çıralı activities is climbing Çıralı Yanartaş, located in the north of Çıralı. You can watch the gas leaking from the underground turn into flames on the ground. There are people from various parts of the world who come to see Yanartaş.

Olimpos Cirali Yanartas Gezilecek Yerler
Çıralı Yanartaş
Antalya Phaselis Antik Kenti Kuzey Orta Liman
Phaselis Ancient City Beaches

Cirali means visiting Olympos and Adrasan. Visit Olympos Beach and the ancient city of Olympos, the subject of legends. If you have a car, you can visit the ancient city of Phaselis, which has an ancient natural harbor in Kemer, and swim in the sea at Phaselis Beach. You can also take a 10-minute cable car ride to the 2365-meter summit of Tahtalı Mountain and watch the region from above.

How to get to Cirali?

The distance between Çıralı and Fethiye, Ölüdeniz is 220km (3h 40min), and 125km (2h 10min) between Kaş and Çıralı. Transportation to Çıralı with your private car is possible via D-400 Antalya Kumluca highway. Coming from Antalya, you need to take the brown Çıralı sign after Tekirova. Cirali is 7 km inland from the highway. If you don’t have a private car, there are continuous services from Antalya Bus Station, Antalya Migros and Kumluca to Çıralı road junction.

Çıralı is a very small place, it is also very troubled about car parking, you may not find a place to park in the center because the roads are narrow. After the bridge you enter Çıralı, you can park for free if there is space in the large area on the right side. You are lucky if there is a parking area for vehicles in the establishment where you stay. It should be noted that it can be very crowded during the holidays.