CityCard Gent: Unlimited Access To Local Attractions!

If you are planning to visit Gent, Belgium, you might be wondering whether CityCard Gent is worth it. In this article, we’ll take a look at what CityCard Gent covers and whether it’s worth the price.

With CityCard Gent, you can get free or discounted entry to Gent’s top attractions, such as Gravensteen Castle, the Gent Bell Tower and Charles de Gaulleplein. You’ll also get discounts on restaurants, hotels and shopping. If you’re looking for a way to save money while exploring Gent, CityCard Gent is definitely worth considering!

What is the CityCard Gent?

CityCard Gent is a card that gives you access to various attractions in Gent, Belgium. The card includes free entry to some of the most popular attractions in Gent, as well as discounts at selected restaurants and shops. It can be purchased online or at various points of sale in Gent.

Citycard Gent Nereden Alinir

To buy a Gent city card, you can use The Gent Tourist Office (Sint-Veerleplein 5), located next to the cafes on the left hand side after the Korenmarkt and across the bridge. But most museums and Gent hotels can provide you with a CityCard Gent.

What are the benefits of CityCard Gent?

Speaking as a tourist, of course there are many advantages of city cards. Most of all financially. Even one or two museums can be enough to pay for the card. If we list some of its advantages.

  • Free access to 33 museums and tourist attractions
  • Unlimited use of public transportation & free Flanders Fields and free hop-on hop-off bus tours
  • Discounts in restaurants, cafes, bars and shops
  • Discount on bike rental
  • Free boat trip on the canals of Gent

You can check the current prices of the CityCard Gent card on their website.

Is the Ghent City Card Worth to Buy?

Let’s say we want to visit a few museums in the city. If you consider the entrance fee for the Castle of the Counts, the entrance fee for the Belfry tower in Gent, boat and canal tours in Gent, and the entrance fee for the Gent Design Museum, assuming you are interested in art, these 4 activities alone cost as much as the cost of a city card.

Citycard Gent Ulasim Rehberi

With the CityCard Gent, you can enter almost all museums for free. With this card, in addition to the ones mentioned above, you will also have free entrance to museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Bavo’s Cathedral, Mystic Lamb, SMAK, STAM, MIAT, The House of Alijn, Museum of the History of Science. All in all, it makes sense to get a city card.

How to use CityCard Gent?

To use CityCard Gent, simply show your card. Most attractions will stamp your card as proof of entry. Keep your card with you throughout your visit to Gent so you can take advantage of all the great discounts and benefits!

Where to get a CityCard Gent?

There are a few special places where you can get a CityCard Gent. You can pick one up at the Tourist Office at Korenmarkt or at any of the four main museums in the city (Museum of Fine Arts, STAM Gent City Museum, Gent Design Museum or Gent Maritime Museum). You can also buy a card online or at selected hotels and hostels before you arrive in the city.

Citycard Gent Kitapcik Harita
Citycard Gent Nasil Kullanilir

Transportation with CityCard Gent

The tram and bus network is well developed in the city. There are public transportation services from early in the morning until late at night. It is not necessary to use public transportation in the center of Gent, but those who want to use trams and buses to get to the city center are entitled to free use for as long as their CityCard is valid.

Tips for using the CityCard Gent

CityCard Gent gives access to more than 30 of Gent’s sights, museums and churches. It also gives discounts on shopping and restaurants. Here are some tips for using CityCard Gent:

  • Plan your itinerary in advance. This will help you make the most of your time and see all the sights that interest you.
  • Be sure to carry your CityCard with you at all times while sightseeing in Gent, as it will be required for entry to most attractions.
  • Use the map provided with the card to help you plan your route from one sightseeing spot to another.
  • Take advantage of discounts offered by businesses participating in the CityCard program, and don’t forget to show your card when shopping.

CityCard Gent is definitely worth it if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing while in Gent. With one card you can get free entry to more than 30 different attractions and free public transportation. You can find all other details about the card on their website.