Cleopatra’s Pool: Hot Spring Antique Pool in Hierapolis

Pamukkale is one of the rare cities with thermal spring waters. The effect of thermal waters on health contributes greatly to tourism and these healing waters welcome guests from various countries around the world.

The minerals contained in thermal waters are good for many diseases, especially rheumatism and heart diseases, and people stay in thermal hotels and swim in thermal pools on the grounds that it is healing water.

Denizli Pamukkale Antik Havuz Gezisi
Denizli Pamukkale Antik Havuz Gezilecek Yerler

As there is no shortage of tourists in these healing areas today, the use of thermal water was given importance and tourists were hosted in ancient times. The centuries-long practice of using thermal waters for healing purposes shows that Hierapolis was a health center during the Roman Empire.

Denizli Pamukkale Antik Havuz Tarihi Sutunlar
Denizli Pamukkale Antik Havuz Gezi Yazisi

It is possible to see many baths built for health purposes in the vicinity. Another area where hot waters are utilized is the area called the Ancient Pool, which is located in Hierapolis, built on the upper facade of Pamukkale travertines, which is flooded with visitors today.

The agora in that area was destroyed by an earthquake in the 7th century AD and some of the columns fell into the water-filled crevice that formed next to the agora in the 1st century AD.

The hot water of the Ancient Pool, which is one of the few pools in the world that is so beneficial for health, is said to be very good for heart disease, arteriosclerosis, blood pressure, rheumatism, paralysis, nerve and vascular diseases, and spasmodic stomachs when drunk.

In the Ancient Pool, also called Cleopatra Pool, it is forbidden to use suntan oil and cream in order not to spoil the quality of the water. Since there may be cutting columns in the pool, you need to be careful not to cut your feet.

What is the entrance fee to Pamukkale/Hierapolis Ancient Pool?

Entrance fees to the ancient pool are a bit expensive. Müzekart is not valid in the ancient pool. If you don’t have a Müzekart, you pay the entrance fee to Pamukkale and the ancient city of Hierapolis and pay the entrance fee to the ancient pool to enter the ancient pool.

Where is Pamukkale/Hierapolis Ancient Pool and how to get there?

The ancient pool is located in the area where Pamukkale travertines and the ancient city of Hierapolis are located. Go up the Pamukkale travertines towards the ancient city. You will see a building on the right side. That is where the ancient pool is located.