Dim Cave: A Natural Beauty in Alanya

Dim Cave is a karst cave on the western slope of Cebel Reis Mountain. Dim Cave was opened to visitors for the first time in 1998 by a private company. If you want to cool off in the summer heat and take a long journey among the stalactite stalagmites, Dim Cave, which is very close to Alanya, will be an ideal choice.

The cave was formed by rainwater melting the limestone rocks along crevices and cracks. The rainwater also incorporates the carbon dioxide in the environment and forms carbonic acid. This type of water dissolves the limestone rocks in the cave, creating calcareous water.

The calcareous water entering the cave cavity releases carbon dioxide as the pressure decreases and the lime solution is deposited. This action, which lasts for thousands of years, forms stalactites downwards from the cave ceiling and stalagmites upwards. Stalactites and stalagmites that grow over time merge to form columns.

Dim Magarasi Sarkitlar
Dim Magarasi Sarkitlar 2

Among the features of Dim Cave Cavern, its coolness cannot be ignored. It is quite cold inside the cave. Even if you sweat from the heat outside, you may feel cold at 18ºC inside. The cave welcomes you with two galleries. The gallery on the right is 50 meters long.

The length of the road to the left of Dim Cave is 310 meters. The pleasure of the cave is hidden in the gallery on the left. The art of water and the power of nature in this gallery makes you forget the cold.

Dim Magarasi Sarkitdikit
Dim Magarasi Gezi Yazisi

The walking platform and lighting are ideal for a pleasant journey. It is possible to closely examine every detail in the cave. You may feel like you are on a mysterious journey among the stalactites, stalagmites and columns. Instead of large rocks that are difficult to climb, this time the cave ends with a naive lake 2 meters deep.

Dim Magarasi Detay
Dim Magarasi Golet

What are Dim Cave entrance fee and visiting hours?

Entrance to the cave is paid. Student discount is available. However, Museum Pass is not valid here. The opening time of the cave is 09:00, closing time is 19:00 in summer season and 17:00 in winter season.

Dim Magarasi Gezilecek Yerler
Dim Cayi

Where is Dim Cave and how to get there?

Dim Cave, which is 145 km from Antalya and 11 km from Alanya, the district of Antalya, is located within the borders of Kestel Town of Alanya.  The cave, also known as Dim Stream Cave, ends with a wide view of nature as it progresses through the greenery.

The large area where you park your car is located 232 meters above sea level. On the way to the entrance of the cave, it is possible to see the valley where Dim Stream flows from above. It is free to watch the lush green valley and breathe in the fresh air.