Danişment Nature Park Forest Campground

Danişment Nature Park Forest Campground

Danişment Nature Park Forest Campground is a campground in Keşan, Edirne, a few hours away from Istanbul. Since it is a forest, it is a suitable area for camping among the trees. However, due to the invasion of day-trippers, it is a place where those who come to find peace and relax may lose their peace and they will not find what they expect. It is a place far from camping culture and uncontrolled. If you come on a weekday during the off-season, you may luckily find what you are looking for.

There are many tent areas in the camping area and you can set up your tent at a point of your choice. Since the tents are not set up right at the bottom of the sea, but rather in the wooded area a few meters from the sea, I recommend you to choose your tent area further inland. Because when you come by car at night, they have fun around the road between the sea and the wooded area and since the vehicles can approach the tent area, it is possible to turn on the music at full volume and therefore wake you up from sleep. We should also keep in mind that there is a lot of convergence between the tents on weekends and holidays. Mentality is not much different from Gökçetepe Nature Park.

Danisment Orman Kampi Cadir Alani
Danişment Forest Camp Tent Camping Area
Danisment Orman Kampi Erikli Kamp Alani
Keşan Tent Camping Area

If you want to swim in the sea in Danişment, which is located in the self-cleaning Saroz Gulf, be sure to wear sea shoes because you may encounter many sea urchins. The sea is salty due to natural conditions.

Erikli Danisment Orman Kampi Cadir
Erikli Danisment Orman Kampi Sahili Plaji Denizi
Places to swim in Keşan

You can get electricity from the electricity stations at the corners with a cable. However, since they give electricity section by section during empty periods, you may not have electricity if you want to set up a tent where there is no one. If you do your grocery shopping from Erikli, you can make your shopping expenditures more affordable compared to inside.

Erikli Danisment Orman Kampi Sahili Gun Dogusu
Erikli Danisment Orman Kampi Gezilecek Yerler

How much is the tent fee for Danişment Forest Camp?

It is possible to enter for a day and have a picnic. You can have your picnic and swim in the sea. To stay in Danişment, you need to call and ask for the current tent fee. There is a fee per tent, the number of people is not considered. If you are going by car, you also need to pay a separate fee for the vehicle.

Where is Danişment Forest Camp and how to get there?

The distance between Istanbul and Danişment Forest Camp is 270 km (3h 20m). In this respect, it is one of the relatively easy to reach tent camping areas around Istanbul. The distance to Edirne is 150km (2h) and the distance to Tekirdağ is 140km (1h 45min).