The Filming Locations of Netflix’s Wednesday: How Bucharest Breathes Life

The Filming Locations of Netflix’s Wednesday: How Bucharest Breathes Life

Witness the mysterious atmosphere of the series Wednesday. Discover filming locations set in Romania's historical sites.
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While watching the captivating Netflix series “Wednesday”, you must have noticed the stunning gothic locations. Did you feel drawn in by the dark and mysterious atmosphere? These amazing places where the story takes place add to the magic of the series. So, where was the series “Wednesday” filmed?

Where was the popular Netflix series “Wednesday” filmed? This interesting and unusual series has attracted viewers around the world. Netflix is very good at delivering quality content of all kinds. They are especially good at mystery series and “Wednesday” is one of them.

“Wednesday” is a fascinating series, full of mystery, drama and interesting characters. With each episode, the story progresses and we learn more about the characters. With a strong storyline and detailed characters, the series offers a compelling narrative.

The show’s story combines classic mystery elements with modern narratives. The story follows Wednesday Addams, a beloved Addams Family character, during her teenage years at Nevermore Academy. As Wednesday learns about her newfound psychic abilities, she also solves supernatural mysteries in her town.

bucharest wednesday series filmed

The Importance of Location in Storytelling

The location where a series is shot is a silent hero that brings the story to life. Locations set the tone of the story, create the atmosphere and influence the narrative. The right locations provide an authentic background to the story and influence character development.

In Netflix series, shooting locations often play important roles. Remember the stunning landscapes in “Stranger Things” or the historical splendor in “The Crown”. Likewise, the filming locations in “Wednesday” add visual appeal and enrich the narrative by weaving it into the story.

olga greceanu mansion wednesday series
Olga Greceanu Mansion

Where Was The Netflix Series Wednesday Filmed?

While watching the Netflix series “Wednesday”, it is a pleasure to feel the atmosphere created by the eerie locations. These gothic and dark filming locations deepen the story of the series. In a big surprise, although the series is set in the USA, it was filmed entirely in Bucharest, the charming capital of Romania.

Bucharest is an attractive location for productions with its historic buildings and gothic charm. The city fits well into the Addams Family universe with its imposing buildings, centuries-old landmarks and quiet corners. Tim Burton saw Bucharest’s aesthetic as a natural choice for the “Wednesday” series. Bucharest’s air of mystery was a perfect match for the show’s theme. While it was a challenge to capture the Vermont vibe, the series did so in a visually impressive way.

bucharest dimitrie branzda botanical garden wednesday series
Bucharest Dimitrie Brânzdă Botanical Garden

Filming Locations: A Blend of Authenticity and Artistry

Wednesday uses many interesting filming locations in Bucharest, each one giving a unique flavor to the series. Here is a short tour of these locations:

  • Royal Family Hunting Lodge (Nevermore Academy): This imposing structure used for the Nevermore Academy is one of the main locations of the series. Its majestic architecture hosts an important part of the story.
  • Monteoru House (Boarding School and Classrooms): Monteoru House was used as the boarding school and classrooms of Nevermore Academy. With its historical significance and architectural beauty, it contributes greatly to the visual narrative of the series.
  • Bucharest Dimitrie Brânzdă Botanical Garden (Biology Lessons): This green and vibrant garden was used as a venue for biology classes. This natural wonder in the heart of the city offers a fresh contrast to the gothic atmosphere of the series.
  • Polytechnic University (Series Opening Location): The first seconds of the series were filmed at this historic university. This building offers a majestic and mysterious atmosphere that sets the tone for the series.
  • Dinamo-Tolea Grințescu Swimming Pool (Piranha Scene): Wednesday’s piranha scene was filmed in this swimming pool. This location adds an unexpected twist to the narrative of the series.
  • Olga Greceanu Mansion (Door Mansion): This mansion was used as the Gate Mansion. With its grand exterior and interiors, it gave the series an authentic Romanian elegance.
  • Buftea Studios (Jericho City): Buftea Studios was transformed into Jericho City. This shows the creativity and artistic talent of the series production team.


The series “Wednesday” impresses viewers not only with its fascinating story and characters, but also with its remarkable filming locations. The gothic atmosphere of Bucharest fits perfectly into the spirit of the series.