Eskisehir Odunpazarı Houses

Eskisehir Odunpazarı Houses

Odunpazarı Houses, located in the city center of Eskişehir and shown among the important works added to the world cultural heritage, is the oldest settlement of Eskişehir.

Built in the 19th century, Odunpazarı Houses, which have high cultural values due to their construction in the 19th century, have been restored and declared Odunpazarı Historical and Urban Site on behalf of 154 houses and opened to the visit of travel lovers.

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The lower floor of Odunpazarı Houses, which are built on two or three floors with curved roads and adjoining houses, are mostly used for kitchen and storage purposes. The living space of the people is on the upper floor where the rooms are located.

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Eskisehir Odunpazari Evleri Gezi Notlari

Odunpazarı, which is similar to settlements such as Safranbolu and Göynük, is colorful. Its doors, windows and walls provide beautiful frames for photographs. Although daily life is still going on inside some of the Odunpazarı Houses, some of them continue to operate as museums. There are also many important monuments around Odunpazari that should be visited during your visit to Eskişehir.

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Eskisehir Odunpazari Evleri Gezilecek Yerler

You can visit the Kurşunlu Complex in the region, built in 1525. The Meerschaum Museum inside the complex and the Beylerbeyi Mansion at the exit of the complex are worth seeing.

Atlıhan Handicraft Bazaar

Atlıhan Bazaar, located in Odunpazarı district where Odunpazarı Houses are located, is known as the first settlement of Eskişehir. Atlıhan Bazaar, located on the way to Kurşunlu Mosque and Complex, used to be an inn where the people coming to Odunpazarı tied their horses, but today it is used as boutique shops where many handicraft products are prepared and put up for sale.

Odunpazari Atlihan El Sanatlari Carsisi

The two-storey bazaar has a large courtyard in the middle of the courtyard and a pool and fountain in the middle of the courtyard, which is an important element of Ottoman architecture.

Where are Odunpazari Houses and how to get there?

Getting to Odunpazarı is quite easy thanks to the tram that passes through the city. If you get off at Atatürk High School stop, you can start your Odunpazarı trip. If you are coming by car, it is possible to find a place for your car in the back streets of Odunpazarı Neighborhood.