Sazova Space House and Science and Experiment Center

Sazova Space House and Science and Experiment Center

There is a wonderful center in Sazova Park that will improve your knowledge. The Sazova Space House and Science and Experiment Center is closed on Mondays and you can enter different areas with different fees.

Science Experiment Center

In the garden of the Science Experiment Center, there is an experiment on the principle of balance by Archimedes, the world’s first and greatest scientist and master of mechanics. You can easily see that the further you move away from the object on the other side of the scale, the easier it is to move the weight as the weight of the long arm helps you.

Show me a fulcrum and I will move the earth – Archimedes

Next to the vehicle where you can experiment with buoyancy, there is another remarkable mechanical system. You can closely examine the movement produced by the flowing water and the principle of rotation of the wheel that comes from the fullness of the buckets.

Sazova Bilim Deney Merkezi Arsimet Dayanak Noktasi
Eskisehir Sazova Bilim Deney Muzesi Kova Deneyi

In the museum, you come across wooden models of some of the products designed by Leonarda da Vinci. By using these models, you can get an idea about the working principles of the mechanisms.

Eskisehir Sazova Bilim Deney Muzesi Leonardo Modeli
Eskisehir Sazova Bilim Deney Muzesi Leonardo Model

The museum also touches upon wave principles. Wave formations caused by landslides, earthquakes, volcanic activities, tidal events on the seabed are tested.

Eskisehir Sazova Bilim Deney Muzesi Dalga Prensibi
Eskisehir Sazova Bilim Deney Muzesi Gezisi

However, there is a restriction in the museum that I have never encountered in any science museum. There are signs in front of many of the experimental equipment stating that they will only be shown on school tours accompanied by science communicators, and this is written in front of all technical materials worth trying. As such, when there are few objects that we can experiment with in an experimental museum, it is not very enjoyable. It is not the right approach to put this level of restriction in a science museum, to have items that cannot be used for a child who does not come with school tours.

Space House

The Space House, whose technological equipment is provided by the Sabancı Foundation, has a capacity of 96 people. When viewed from the outside, its full dome-shaped exterior design is quite interesting.

Sazova Uzay Evi
Sabanci Uzay Evi Gezi Notlari

The museum is open every day except Mondays and you can visit the museum between 11:00 – 15:00 on weekdays and between 11:00 – 16:00 on weekends. Since the Space House is in high demand, you will be more comfortable if you buy your ticket when you go to Sazova Park.