Fethiye Beaches and Bays near Oludeniz

Fethiye Beaches and Bays near Oludeniz

When you look at the Fethiye region on the map, you may be surprised by the number of bays. What’s even more interesting is that all the bays you see are places where you can swim, some of them are even natural beaches. Although the best way to explore the bays around Oludeniz is by boat tours departing from Oludeniz, there are also completely different bays to swim in Fethiye. Here are the places to swim in Fethiye, the best bays and beaches.


Oludeniz Beach is arguably the most admired and most preferred beach by local and foreign tourists in Turkey. Considered the center of adrenaline-filled activities such as paragliding, Ölüdeniz also makes you feel special with its natural formation called lagoon. Belcekız Beach, the public beach of Ölüdeniz, is wavy and deepens quickly, while Kumburnu Beach, which can be entered for a fee, has a shallow and shallow sea thanks to its lagoon feature.

Fethiye Oludeniz Belcekiz Plaji Gezilecek Yerler
Oludeniz's Most Popular Beach Belcekız
Fethiye Oludeniz Belcekiz Plaji Nerede

Butterfly Valley

Before it was discovered, the bay was named Butterfly Valley due to the abundance of butterflies in its natural structure. Although it is not preferred, it can be reached by a steep climb from Faralya Village just above it, or by boats departing from Ölüdeniz for a certain fee. Butterfly Valley has a natural structure that can be admired especially when viewed from the sea side, and an environment where you can feel strange among the high hills.

Fethiye Kelebekler Vadisi Gezilecek Yerler
Butterfly Valley Beach
Kelebekler Vadisi Tekne Turu
Boat Transportation to Butterfly Valley

Kabak Bay

It is the next developed bay after Butterfly Valley. I say developed because the number of businesses has increased recently. A 1.5 hour minibus ride from Ölüdeniz takes you to the upper village of Kabak Bay. To reach Kabak Bay, you need to take the paid minibuses from here. It is generally frequented by travelers, Lycian travelers. Although they are expensive, most of the establishments allow the installation of tents. The sea is slightly sandy and pebbly in places.

Fethiye Kabak Koyu Gezilecek Yerler
Fethiye Kabak Koyu Tekne Turlari Taksileri

Kidrak Bay

Kıdrak Bay, which is mostly visited daily for the people of the region, is 4 km from Belcekız Beach. This secluded bay on Oludeniz Faralya road has fine sand and pebbles. Since Kıdrak Bay is within the borders of the Natural Park, entrance to the beach is paid. Kıdrak Beach has a sea that deepens quickly like Ölüdeniz and is not preferred for those who do not know how to swim. There is a shower, wc and a facility for your food needs. Overnight accommodation and camping are not allowed.

Fethiye Kidrak Koyu Plaji Gezilecek Yerler
Fethiye Kidrak Koyu Plaji Gorulecek Yerler

Calis Beach

The closest beach to Fethiye and the longest beach in Fethiye is Calis Beach with a mixture of sand and fine pebbles. It is often preferred because it is next to Fethiye city center, it is possible to reach and enter the sea without any effort. We recommend you to swim in the sea in the evening as the sunset also takes place from the sea.

Günlüklü Bay

Günlüklü Bay has a quiet, calm sea. It gets its name from the tall log trees that do not pass sunlight on the way to the sea. It has a very beautiful path, a tree that grows only in these regions is a log tree. The entrance to Günlüklü Bay is paid since it is located within the borders of the nature park.

Fethiye Gunluklu Koyu Plaji
Fethiye Gunluklu Koyu Plaj Agaclari

Katranci Bay

Katrancı Bay, 5 minutes away from Günlüklü Bay, has a similar structure to Günlüklü Bay. Entrance to this nature park covered with pine and eucalyptus trees is paid. Tents can also be set up in Katrancı Bay Nature Park. In Katrancı Beach & Camping, also known as Katrancı Forest Camp, it is possible to set up tents for up to 4 people and caravans can also be accommodated. Moreover, common use fees such as electricity and water are included. There are shuttles from Fethiye until 24:00 to Katrancı Bay, 14 km from Fethiye. It is flooded by day-trippers on vacation days.

As we mentioned, there are dozens more bays in Fethiye. You can visit these bays with boat tours and even different islands with 12 islands boat tours. It is also possible to explore Ölüdeniz from above with paragliding or explore underwater with scuba diving.