Oludeniz Beaches and Nature Park: Natural Paradise

Oludeniz Natural Park is a distinguished region that makes Fethiye known worldwide and welcomes thousands, perhaps millions of tourists thanks to its natural beauty. 3 km long sandy beach, green areas and deep blue beach give people the pleasure of watching.

Oludeniz features

In ancient times, Lycians described Ölüdeniz as the land of light and sun, and medieval people described it as a distant land. Ölüdeniz has a circulation within itself, which enables it to clean itself.

Intense spring water outflows from underwater create a current from the bottom to the middle of the sea. In addition, the sea periodically rises and falls with the tidal effect. These features keep the sea clean.

Fethiye beaches

Belcekız Beach

You arrived in Oludeniz and got off the minibus, parked your car if you came by car and entered the beach in the area where the boats are. That is Belcekız Beach. So it can also be called Ölüdeniz public beach.

Belcekız Beach, which is also used as a landing pad by paragliding enthusiasts, is the free beach of Ölüdeniz, but if you want to use the sunbeds, you have to pay for each for sunbeds or umbrellas.

Oludeniz National Park Public Beach - Belcekız Beach
Oludeniz National Park Public Beach - Belcekız Beach

Belcekız Beach is the departure point of the tour boats that visit Oludeniz and the surrounding bays. I recommend you to join Oludeniz boat tours.

The route of the boats is generally Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, Aquarium Bay, St. Nicholas Island, Gemiler Bay, Cold Water Bay. If you are going to join such a tour, prefer smaller boats instead of big boats, the big ones can be very crowded.

The sea of Belcekız Beach is the kind that non-swimmers will not like. It is both wavy because it is open in front and has a ground style that deepens suddenly.

The most important thing to pay attention to in Ölüdeniz is how much you pay for what you eat and drink. Everything in the region is more expensive than normal.

Fethiye Oludeniz Belcekiz Plaji Nerede
Fethiye Oludeniz Gezisi

There is also a legend about Belcekız. In ancient times, a captain’s son saw a very beautiful girl named Belcekız among the boats docking to get drinking water and fell in love with her. He used to see her every day he took water.

One day a very violent storm broke out and the boy fell off the boat and lost his life. Hearing this, Belcekız also committed suicide by throwing herself into the sea. So the name of the sea remained Ölüdeniz and the name of the beach remained Belcekız Beach.

Kumburnu Beach

Ölüdeniz National Park has a paid entrance. This area is located at the continuation of Belcekız Beach. The area called Kumburnu is actually a lagoon. Lagoons, also called abalone, are coastal accumulation forms formed by waves.

Ölüdeniz Bay started to fill up from one end over time and almost reached the point of connecting with the other end of the bay, which led to the formation of a lagoon.

Fethiye Nature Park
Fethiye Nature Park
Oludeniz Kumburnu Nature Park
Oludeniz Kumburnu Nature Park

When you go to the end of the lagoon, what you see is chaos. Imagine a normal beach, with businesses around it. If you rent a sunbed you pay a certain fee, if you lay your towel on the sand you can hang out without paying.

In the lagoon, there is something like this, the sunbeds are about a foot apart. They have kept it so narrow that there is no place to leave your belongings, let alone people.

You have two options. The first is to rent a sunbed, put your belongings on the sunbeds and throw yourself into the sea.

If you want to hang out more economically, put a cool towel under the trees you see on your left and right on your way to the seaside and put your belongings on it.

Of course, the place is very crowded and families of picnickers have taken the shade of many trees. We put our belongings under a tree and went swimming.

Fethiye Oludeniz Kumburnu Denizi
Fethiye Oludeniz Kumburnu Deniz Gezisi

There are also showers around. The showers around the cape are very crowded, everyone uses them.

The showers a little further inland are more secluded, there are fewer queues. Oludeniz is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains. You can see dozens of people paragliding while swimming on your back in the sea.

Ölüdeniz Babadağ
Ölüdeniz Babadağ

Things to do around Oludeniz

The most popular activity in and around Ölüdeniz is of course tandem paragliding. Starting from the summit of Babadağ, the paragliding activity, which lasts about half an hour, is one of the must-do activities in Ölüdeniz.

The current prices of paragliding in Ölüdeniz vary according to the company. Photos and videos taken during the flight are also extra.

Jeep safari, diving tours, rafting tour in Dalaman Stream, ATV safari tour or canoe tours are among the activities around Oludeniz.

While you are in Oludeniz, we recommend you to visit the places to visit around Oludeniz. For example, you can go to Butterfly Valley by boats and Kabak Bay by minibuses departing from Ölüdeniz.

Accommodation in Oludeniz

Accommodation costs in Oludeniz are the kind that will burn our pockets. Hotels, hostels, tree houses called bungalows are not among the economical accommodation options in Ölüdeniz. There are not many options for tent camping areas in Ölüdeniz.

Setting up tents on the beach is banned by the inspectors. You can try your luck among the trees, provided that you pitch your tent in the evening.

There is a big lack of tent camping areas in Oludeniz. As a tent area, there is a business where you can set up a tent under the name of Oludeniz Nature and Tent Camp Natural Life Camp about 1 km inland from Oludeniz. You can also consider Camp Caretta next to Günlüklü Bay, 14km from the city center in Fethiye.

Fethiye Oludeniz National Park entrance fee

Is Oludeniz paid? Not Belcekız Beach, but if you want to enter Kumburnu, you have to pay a fee as it is within the borders of the national park. Pedestrian entrances are on the left side of the entrances. The entrance fee for vehicles is charged regardless of the number of people.

Where is Ölüdeniz?

The nearest airport to Oludeniz is Dalaman Airport, 60km (1h 15min) away. For transportation to Ölüdeniz at Dalaman Airport, you must first come to Fethiye by using Havaş or the airline’s shuttles.

You can reach Ölüdeniz, which is 17 km away from Fethiye, by minibus and dolmus type public transportation. If you have a private car, the distance between Ankara and Oludeniz is 625km (7h 30min), while the distance between Istanbul and Oludeniz is 790km (9h 30min). Oludeniz is 242km (3h 30min) from Isparta and 136km (2h) from Marmaris.