See Prague in VR with FlyPrague


FlyPrague, which we came across while traveling in Prague and wanted to try out of sheer curiosity as VR technology was just starting to develop, takes you around Prague using VR technology.

We go inside and wait for the other customers who are already participating in the VR tour to finish. The event lasts about 10 minutes. After a short while, the people inside leave and it’s our turn. This repeats every 20 minutes. We go up to a platform for 6 people and take our seats.

Flyprague Drone Ile Ucus Platformu
Flyprague Koltuklari

The person takes turns placing the phones inside the glasses, helping us to put them on correctly and giving us instructions. Then the video starts to play and we start watching the famous squares and buildings of Prague in 360-degree images taken by the drone. As the image moves, the platform we are standing on moves in synchronization.

Flyprague Gezi Notlari
Flyprague Gezi Yazisi

The image was not very clear. It was slightly hazy and blurred. Still, it is preferable to see Prague from a bit higher altitude. You start the tour from Wenceslas Square and go in the direction of Old Town Square and then to Charles Bridge to finish the tour.

It is open every day of the week between 10:00 – 20:00 and as we mentioned, there is an entrance every 20 minutes. Please note that it is closed during the winter season from the end of November to the end of March.