Foca Travel Guide

Foca Travel Guide

Tired of city life? We all want to slow down time. I will give you a recipe for Foça by adding a little smell of the sea and some fresh air. This holiday resort with its idyllic atmosphere, peaceful bicycle paths and walking paths is a pleasant place to relax and reset the brain. Here is Foça travel guide with places to visit, activities to do and beaches to swim.

Foça is actually divided into two as Old Foça and New Foça. New Foça is located in the north of the district. Old Foça is built on a peninsula surrounded by the sea on 3 sides with its natural beauties and colorful houses. Old Foça is a place where you can see mainly stone-built houses, bazaars, colorful boats and dinghies. Since it is located in a very indented and protruding position, each indentation served as a natural harbor by taking the islands of Fener, Orak and İncir.

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The people of Foça live mainly on fishing. You walk along the coast among the fishermen preparing for the day by preparing nets on their boats and resting with yesterday’s tiredness. Especially the coast reminds me of the town of Marsaxlokk in Malta. The smell of fish is very distinct, especially on the seafront, where there are restaurants one after the other. The restaurants are just a few meters away from the sea. When it comes to fish, you can see cats everywhere. If there are cats, can there ever be a shortage of dogs? They are all sweet and friendly.

Foca Gezi Rehberi Balikci Tekneleri
Foça Travel Guide - Fishing boats on the shore

We cannot ignore the old Greek houses and their beauty. These stone houses, some by the sea, some in the back streets, are worth seeing with their large balconies, gardens, colorful doors and windows. You should even dive into the unfamiliar inner streets just for the fun of it. There is a calmness throughout Foça. This calmness probably comes from the fact that it is very inland. Especially if you are not going to Foça, you don’t pass through here. It’s too far from the main road to say, “I’ll stop by here”.

Foca Gezi Rehberi Tarihi Tas Evleri
Foca Gezi Rehberi Sahil Seridi Tekneleri

How is the sea in Foça?

You can swim from everywhere in Foça. But I recommend you to swim in places with a beach. Because the coastline has a rocky structure in general. You can be more comfortable on the sandy beaches. The sea is not warm, it is close to cool. You get used to it, but when you stay in the sea for a long time, you can get cold. It is also important to use sea shoes against sea urchins. You may encounter many sea urchins in rocky areas.

Foca Gezi Rehberi Koylari Plajlari
Foça beaches and bays
Foca Gezi Rehberi Tas Binalari
Historical stone buildings of Foça

Another activity related to the sea instead of swimming in Foça is boat tours. You can also take advantage of the daily boat tours around the islands and bays on the coast of Foça. Between 11:00 – 17:00, there are tours with meals or tours that make a small excursion for 1-2 hours, stopping at places such as Orak Island, Fig Island.

Foca Yel Degirmenleri Manzarasi
Foça Sunset Landscape Photo

Places to visit in Foça

Foça’s historical and touristic places to visit are not the kind that will leave your mouth open. Let’s give some information about the old Foça villages and historical places in Foça along with the places to visit in Old Foça.

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Where to visit in Foça?

Among the places to visit in Foça are the ruins of the Temple of Athena from the Archaic period, the Persian Mausoleum on the road to Foça, the Sanctuary, the Maltepe Tumulus, the Herodotus Wall, the theater, the city walls and the Beşkapılar Castle, the walls, the boathouse and the Ottoman period cemetery and the Fatih Mosque built in the 16th century, also during the Ottoman period. There is also Kozbeyli Village around Yeni Foça, where you can see the stone-built houses where Greeks used to live. Yeni Foça is also a residential area built with stone houses.

Izmir Yeni Foca Gezilecek Yerler Tas Evler
Tas Evler Yeni Foca

Foça Windmills are located in the center of Foça. You can park your car in the free area and walk up to the windmills. Although the climb is a bit tiring, it is worth it to see the windmills up close and to see the view of Foça from above.

Foca Yel Degirmenleri Kalintilari
Foça Windmills
Foca Meydani
Foça Square

Where is Foça and how to get there?

Foça is a district located on the northern coast of Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean. It is a lovely place with a seashore just after passing Menemen district. You can reach Foça by following the signs. Foça is 60km (1h) from the center of Izmir, 180km (2h 30min) from Balıkesir and 530km (7h) from Istanbul.

  • How to get to Foça from Adnan Menderes Airport? You need to use Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport for transportation to Foça by air. It is 90 km to Foça, which is 90 km away, by IZBAN or bus. If you want to reach Old Foça by IZBAN, you need to get off at Hatundere station and use the Foça – Hatundere ESHOT line, bus number 744.
  • How to get to Foça from Izmir? Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Bus Operator ESHOT also has buses from Izmir. You can take the Bornova Metro bus number 204 from the airport to the bus station and take the Foça minibuses from the bus station.