Folklore Museum Gozo

Located in Victoria in the center of Gozo, the Folklore Museum is housed in an 18th century village house.

The village house where the Folklore Museum is located has 28 rooms. Each of these rooms exhibits traditional tools related to the rural life of the period. Not only agricultural tools but also materials used by carpenters and blacksmiths are on display.

Malta Gozo Folklor Muzesi Geleneksel
Malta Gozo Folklor Muzesi Tekerlekler

The museum within the walls of the great Cittadella that protects Victoria was first opened in 1983. The skill and stonemasonry of the countryside can be well appreciated as you walk through the rooms of the museum.

Malta Gozo Folklor Muzesi Odunlar
Malta Gozo Folklor Muzesi Odalari

On the other floor, there are items such as hunting hobbies as well as religious accessories. Traditional and elaborately embroidered clothes are also among the artifacts you can see. You can also see these clothes in miniaturized models of rural life.

Malta Gozo Folklor Muzesi Kiyafetler
Malta Gozo Folklor Muzesi Oyuncaklar

The Folklore Museum is very close to the Gozo Cathedral and you have to pay €8 to enter. You can visit the museum in half an hour. However, you will not lose anything if you do not enter.

Address: Melite Bernardo De Opuo Street, The Citadel, Victoria, Gozo, Malta