Fort William Henry Museum: Lake George's Historical Gem

Delve into the fascinating past of Fort Henry William Museum, a historical gem nestled on the southern shores of Lake George, New York. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories and events that shaped this region during the French and Indian War.

Fort Henry William Museum history

Fort William Henry, a crucial British fortification during the French and Indian War, was built in 1755 on the southern shore of Lake George, situated in present-day New York State.

The fort was dedicated to Prince William Henry, the grandson of King George II, and served an important function in the continuous conflict between British and French forces throughout North America.

Under the direction of General Sir William Johnson, the fort’s construction aimed to safeguard British territories and act as a strategic launch point for assaults on the French-controlled Fort Carillon (later renamed Fort Ticonderoga). Fort William Henry was instrumental in the Battle of Lake George in 1755, marking an early victory for the British.

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By 1757, the fort faced a siege from a united force of French soldiers, led by General Marquis de Montcalm, and their Native American allies. Following a six-day standoff, Lieutenant Colonel George Monro, the fort’s commander, surrendered on August 9, 1757.

Although the surrender terms granted the British safe passage, many British and colonial soldiers were killed or captured by the French’s Native American allies during their retreat. This devastating event became known as the “massacre of Fort William Henry.”

In the aftermath, the French demolished the fort to prevent future British occupation. The fort’s remnants remained untouched for nearly two centuries until mid-20th-century excavations.

Presently, the Fort William Henry Museum occupies the site, inviting visitors to discover its history, examine reconstructed structures, and gain insights into the events that transpired during the French and Indian War.

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Museum exhibits

The Fort William Henry Museum offers a variety of exhibits that showcase the history, life, and events that took place at the fort during the French and Indian War. Visitors can expect to explore the following exhibits:

  • Restored fort structure: The museum features a reconstructed version of the original Fort William Henry, allowing visitors to walk through the barracks, officers’ quarters, and other essential areas of the fort, providing a glimpse into the daily lives of the soldiers stationed there.
  • Military artifacts and weaponry: The museum houses an extensive collection of military artifacts from the French and Indian War era, including musket and cannon, swords, and other weaponry. These artifacts help to illustrate the technology and equipment used by both British and French forces during the conflict.
  • Period clothing and uniforms: The museum displays authentic period clothing and uniforms worn by soldiers, officers, and civilians during the 18th century. These items give visitors a better understanding of the attire and social customs of the time.

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  • Art and maps: The museum features a collection of art, maps, and illustrations that depict various aspects of the French and Indian War, including battles, military strategies, and the region’s geography.
  • Native American history: Exhibits at the museum also highlight the role and experiences of Native American tribes who fought alongside both British and French forces during the conflict. These exhibits showcase artifacts, clothing, and tools used by Native American allies during the war.
  • Interactive displays: To engage visitors of all ages, the museum offers interactive displays that provide hands-on learning experiences. These exhibits allow visitors to participate in activities such as candle-making, musket-firing demonstrations, and other period-appropriate crafts.

Today, History Comes Alive organizes cannon firings, rifle firings and explains the working systems of these tools.

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How to get to Fort William Henry Museum?

The Fort William Henry Museum is located in Lake George Village, in upstate New York. The address is 48 Canada St, Lake George, NY 12845. Lake George Village is a popular tourist destination, known for its picturesque scenery, outdoor activities, and historical attractions.

To get to Fort William Henry Museum, you have several options depending on your starting point:

  • By car: If you’re driving, you can take Interstate 87 (also known as the Adirondack Northway) to reach Lake George Village. Take exit 21 or 22, depending on your direction, and follow the signs to Lake George Village. Once you’re in the village, the museum is located near the southern tip of Lake George, along Canada Street.
  • By bus: Several bus companies, including Greyhound and Adirondack Trailways, offer services to Lake George Village from nearby cities such as Albany, New York City, and Montreal. Upon arrival at the Lake George bus stop, the museum is a short walk or taxi ride away.
  • By train: Although there isn’t a direct train service to Lake George Village, you can take Amtrak to nearby stations like Fort Edward-Glens Falls or Saratoga Springs. From there, you can either rent a car or take a taxi or bus to reach Lake George Village.

Once you’re in Lake George Village, Fort William Henry Museum is easily accessible by foot, car, or bicycle. Parking is available on-site for those driving.


In summary, exploring the Fort William Henry Museum presents a one-of-a-kind chance to dive deep into the fascinating history of the French and Indian War, while uncovering the significant events that took place at this crucial British fort.

The museum captivates visitors with its compelling exhibits and hands-on experiences, enabling them to connect with the past. Moreover, the breathtaking beauty of Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains creates an idyllic setting for additional adventures and discovery.