Fuschl am See A Magnificent Resort Close to Salzburg

Fuschl am See is a resort village with about 1300 inhabitants, 650 meters above sea level. We came across this idyllic village during a road trip from Salzburg to Hallstatt. We had to spend some time at this beautiful lake, one of the countless views on the way to Hallstatt.

We would not be wrong if we say that the lake and its surroundings are a natural activity area. There is a romantic 11.8km walking path around the lake. Trekking is the ideal way to explore the lake and its surroundings. You can walk this path in summer and winter. This lake is one of the lakes in Salzburg where you can swim. If you have a swimsuit with you, it is even possible to swim in the lake and enjoy the lake on the small beaches. Lake Fuschl is beautiful not only in summer but also in winter. Since the lake freezes in winter, locals and even tourists who visit here in winter enjoy the winter by ice skating on it.

Located in the Salzkammergut region, Fuschl am See is a 3.8 km long lake that looks as clean as drinking water. The west side of the lake is blocked by two hotels, the Sheraton Fuschisee Salzburg Hotel, which costs around 800TL per night, and the ultra-luxurious Schloss Fuschl, which costs around 1800TL per night.

Salzburg Fuschl Am See Gorulecek Yerler
Salzburg Fuschl Am See Gezi Notlari

The east side, where there is more activity, is the main area to visit. There are more hotels here, but smaller ones. Red Bull is an Austrian beverage company and its main building, Red Bull HQ, is located southeast of Lake Fuschl on the roadside. Since it is close to the lake, you can even take a photo of the building. When we say building, don’t even think of an apartment building, it’s a cool one-story building that doesn’t spoil the skyline of the city. The bull sculptures coming out of the building add a different flavor. You can also see Redbull airplanes in the sky around here.

Fuschl Am See Deniz Kenari
Salzburg Fuschl Am See Gezilecek Yerler

The best vantage point for viewing Lake Fuschl is Ellmaustein, the hill to the east of the lake. On the south side of the hill, on the Ellmaustrasse road, there is a hiking trail you can take. But you have to walk up about 220 meters. If you make it up, get ready for a magnificent view. If you have time, you can climb the 1320-meter-high Schöber mountain on the north-eastern side of the lake for a much better view. But it is really high and you need to spend a couple of hours.

Salzburg Fuschl Am See Manzara Fotografi
Salzburg Fuschl Am See Fotograflari

Where is Fuschl am See and how to get there?

This tourist area is located 20km from the Mozart city of Salzburg and 30km from the spa resort of Bad Ischl. It can be reached by car in half an hour from Salzburg. You can park your car on the road ledges on Wolfgangsee Strasse and enjoy the view. If you want to come by bus, you need to get off at Fuschl am See Ortsmitte stop with bus number 150 from Salzburg Hofwirt (Schallmooser Hauptstraße) and you will reach the lake in about 40 minutes.