Amicalola Falls State Park: Tallest Waterfall in Georgia

Amicalola Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in North Georgia. It is a must-see among Georgia’s natural beauties. Amicalola Falls is located in a state park. There are many state parks in America like national parks in our country. Amicalola is also located in Amicalola Falls State Park.

The word Amicalola derives from Um-ma-eololoa, which means Rolling Water, according to the Cherokee, one of the Indian tribes who were forcibly expelled from their homeland and live on the plateaus. You should not think that there is only a waterfall here. This place also has a hiking trail. There is also a camping area for those who want to tent camp.

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We went in the autumn season and it was a nice coincidence for us that the autumn colors were at their peak. Amicalola Falls, one of Georgia’s 7 natural wonders, is free to see, but you are charged $5 per vehicle to enter all state parks in the US. Other than that, it doesn’t matter how long you stay or where you go during the day.

When you enter Amicalola Falls State Park, you can first stop by the visitor center and get a map. In a small area inside, you can see the sculptures of the animals in the area. If you have limited time, you don’t really need a map. The road to the waterfall is easy. Before we came here, we did not get clear information about whether the waterfall could be reached on foot or by car. I have given detailed information below.

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Route 1: If you continue on the road coming perpendicular to the visitor center, you will proceed towards the waterfall. There are two places to go about the waterfall. One is the upper side of the waterfall and the other is the middle of the waterfall. Be sure to see both sides. I will tell you the options, you can make your priority plan accordingly. If you leave your car in the first parking lot you see on the right side and walk 400 meters, you will reach the platforms in the middle of the waterfall.

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The first option is to walk this road to the viewing areas in the middle of the waterfall
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Route 2: You have two options to get from the middle of the waterfall to the top. You can either go back to your car and drive to the top or use the 425 steps around the waterfall. We chose to drive up and you should definitely go up both sides. If we had a little more time we would definitely have used the stairs. I am sure there are breathtaking views in between.

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On the upper side of the waterfall, you cannot see any details about its height. Because you are actually right on top of the waterfall. But you witness the view of the magnificent mountains of North Georgia. It has a different beauty on the upper side. My recommendation is to see the top first and finish in the middle of the falls.

Where is Amicalola Falls and how to get there?

Amicalola is located in the North Georgia Mountains. It is 125km (1h 30min) from Atlanta. It’s 70km (1h) away if you’re taking a route and coming from Helen, a town that looks like a German town.

Address: Dawsonville, Georgia