Fort McAllister State Park Campground Review

Fort McAllister Historic State Park is one of the national parks in Georgia and was the place we stayed on our trip to the US because of its proximity to Savannah. We spent a very quiet night here in nature. The campground is located just minutes from downtown, and offers a variety of amenities to make your stay comfortable.

As the name of the park suggests, there is a castle in this area. The historical significance of the park is that it was one of the places where coastal defenses fought against attacks from the sea during the wars. For this reason, it was of great importance both for Savannah and further inland. When you enter the campground, you can see the cannons used in the wars and parts of the vehicles used in the wars. In fact, we didn’t see it, but there were also bastions built under the soil, which the other side could only see as soil.

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Although the park is generally located in a swampy area, the areas reserved for tents and caravans are surrounded by huge trees. There are even animals like squirrels, raccoons and even deer because it is a natural environment. When you walk outside at night with a flashlight, you can see a pair of eyes looking at you all the time, mostly the cute little eyes of raccoons.

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Fort McAllister Camping and RV Area

There are plenty of tent and caravan sites in the area, and not on top of each other, of course, there is a distance between the tent sites. There are also places called Backcountry Campsites, which is a cheaper accommodation option for those who want. The backcountry campgrounds where you can stay at a more affordable price are located not where we camped but at a completely different point, around a hiking trail called Redbird Creek Trail.

The campground where we stayed was a campground with more facilities. The tent areas were slightly elevated and filled with soil. There is electricity, a picnic table and a small faucet next to this tent area. Toilets and showers are close to these campsites and clean. As far as I remember, there was a washing machine next to the toilet. A place that could meet all our needs, we were quite satisfied.

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You can check the price information about Fort McAllister State Park and the map of tent caravan spots on the official website of the national parks, check the availability of campsites and make reservations.

The campground is located south of Savannah on the banks of the Ogeechee River. It is an island called Savage Island and you can reach here via a road called Savage Island Rd. If you are arriving at the campground after opening hours, you need to call ahead to inform them and get the code for the gate you need to open to get in. If you are visiting Savannah, be sure to take a look at Savannah Places to Visit.