Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge in Georgia

The Red Oak Creek Bridge, a crossing bridge over the river, is made entirely of wood. Used to cross the Red Oak Creek, it is still used today by vehicles of a certain weight, height and width.

The covered part of the bridge is 35 meters long. You continue on the connection point of the wooden bridge for a while and you cross a bridge that is 126 meters long in total. The architectural structure of the bridge is very nice and very sturdy.

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Georgia Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge Ahsap Kopru

Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Georgia. It is believed to have been built by a slave architect around 1840. There are many bridges like this in Georgia, but this bridge is one of the surviving ones. The final scene of the movie Lawless was shot on this bridge.

Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge Ahsap Kopru Yolu

Where is Red Oak Creek Bridge and how to get there?

To get to the bridge, which is located between Woodbury and Gay in the state of Georgia, you need to be on Route 74. As you head south, you will see a brown sign for the bridge, but those who don’t see the sign should know that you need to turn off the main road onto Dan Rd. After 1200 meters from the main road you can see the wooden bridge. The roads are asphalt until you see the wooden structure.