Rock Garden Calhoun: Miniature Works in Stone

A wonderful little miniature stone sculpture garden hidden behind a church in North Georgia. Rock Garden Calhoun has become a memorable and interesting place, especially with its sculptures of the Colosseum in Italy and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Rock Garden is a garden where works of art are exhibited using tiny tiny stones, ceramics, wire, cement and glass in places like windows. The works are purely architectural and if you are interested in world buildings, you will know most of them.

Georgia Rock Garden Calhaun Italya Koezyum
Italy's Arena: Colosseum
Georgia Rock Garden Calhaun Fransa Notre Dame Katedrali
Notre Dame Cathedral in France

It was founded by DeWirt Boyd, a member of the church in the back. He was actually a hobbyist who made buildings like this for his children. There are castles, cathedrals, bridges and theaters, as well as more than 50 miniature works with small porcelain people and animals. Small children can have fun by climbing under and over these buildings that are as tall as they are.

Georgia Rock Garden Calhaun Tas Eserleri
Georgia Rock Garden Calhaun Dere Heykelleri

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours at Rock Garden Calhoun?

Rock Garden Calhoun is not a museum, it is a garden. For this reason, there is no entrance fee. You can enter for free. You can think of the visiting hours as 8 am and 7 pm. If you visit during the day, it will probably be open.

Georgia Rock Garden Calhaun Gezilecek Yerler
Georgia Rock Garden Calhaun Gorulecek Yerler

Where is Rock Garden Calhoun? How to get there?

This place is located in Calhoun, north of Atlanta. It is 110km (1h) from Atlanta. Rock Garden Calhoun is located just behind the Calhoun Seventh Day Adventist Church. If you are driving, there is a free parking lot in front of the park.