Starr's Mill Waterfall: Fayetteville Georgia

Starr's Mill Waterfall: Fayetteville Georgia

If old mills and small waterfalls are your thing, let’s talk about a small but lovely place on the side of Route 85 heading south from Fayetteville, Georgia.

Starrs Mill and the small waterfall right next to it on the right-hand side as you drive from Atlanta towards Florida is a place for nature lovers and photographers. Starrs Mill is located on the Whitewater Creek and the name Starrs was the name of the person who built the old buildings here in the 19th century. When the old buildings were demolished, in the early 20th century they built the buildings we see today. They are red and very pretty and look very beautiful behind the flowing stream.

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If you are looking for a peaceful and tranquil place to spend an afternoon, look no further than Starr’s Mill waterfall in Georgia. This beautiful spot is perfect for picnics, fishing or just relaxing and enjoying the sounds of nature. The waterfall is located inside a park, so there are plenty of green areas to explore. You might even see some wildlife.

Starrs Mill Waterfall Georgia

Starr’s Mill Falls is one of Georgia’s hidden gems. Located in a small park just outside Atlanta, this beautiful waterfall is the perfect spot for a quick nature stroll. Next time you’re looking for a place to relax and take in the spectacular views, be sure to check out Starr’s Mill Falls. Within the park, you can relax at the picnic tables by the stream and take a short stroll along the path that follows the stream. Although this is not a spectacular place, it is not to be passed by. By the way, you can also go to the other side of the waterfall to take photos.

Starrs Mill Waterfall Near Atlanta
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This way you can photograph the red building and the waterfall from a different angle. To get to the other side of the falls, you can take the road ledge 150 meters back from the main road without turning right. Whether you are a hiker looking for a route to hike or a visitor looking for a photo-worthy spot, Starr’s Mill waterfall is sure to please.