Best Ghent Boat Tours: Take A Guided Boat Ride Trip

Ghent is a beautiful city in Belgium located on the Scheldt River. The city is known for its canals, which are a major tourist attraction. If you’re visiting Ghent, be sure to take a boat tour on the canals!

During your boat tour, you’ll learn about the history of Ghent and see the city from a different perspective. You’ll also get to experience the canals up close. Ghent is a must-see for any traveler and the boat tours are an experience you won’t want to miss!

Canal history of Ghent

Ghent’s canals have a long and rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. Originally built for transportation and trade, they have become an important part of the city’s identity. They were used to transport goods between different parts of the city.

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When they fell into disrepair, they were restored in the 19th century. Today the canals are a popular tourist destination and boat tours are a great way to explore the city. A boat ride offers a unique perspective on the city and you get to see some of Ghent’s most famous landmarks from the water.

How long are the boat trips in Ghent?

Most boat trips in Ghent last between 60 and 90 minutes. However, there are of course longer and shorter options. For example, the City Canal Cruise lasts 1 hour, while the Sunset Cruise lasts 2 hours. There are also private boat trips that can be customized to your desired length.

The best times of the year to go boating on the canals of Ghent are spring and fall. The weather is usually milder during these seasons, which makes it more comfortable to take a cruise on the water. Also, the leaves changing colors in autumn will give your tour a different feel.

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Free boat tours in Ghent

Ghent is a beautiful city in Belgium with lots of things to see and do. One of the ways to explore Ghent is by boat on the canals. If you are traveling to Ghent as a tourist and want to take part in tourist activities such as museums, it is much more advantageous to get a CityCard Ghent, which allows you to enter most museums at a discount or even for free. When you buy this card, the canal tour is also included in this card and you can take a free boat trip to Ghent.

Some of the highlights you will see on the CityCard Ghent boat tour include Graslei, a historic harbor lined with medieval buildings; St. Bavo Cathedral, home to Michelangelo’s world-famous Last Judgment painting, and St. Nicholas Church, one of the oldest churches in Ghent.

Kayaking / Canoeing in Ghent

If you want to have a different experience than a boat tour, you can rent a canoe and do sports and see the city by canoe.

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Gent Kayak Turlari Tek Kisilik

If you want to canoe on the Leie River, Hostel Uppelink at St. Michael Bridge offers canoe service. You can take a pleasant trip between the historical buildings of the medieval city of Ghent in single or double canoes.

Where do boat and canal tours in Ghent start?

Reach the Kraanlei bridge to take boat tours in Ghent. At the corners you will see people registering visitors who want to take boat tours, and you can get detailed information from them.