Gozo Archaeological Museum: Citadel Walls

The Gozo Archaeological Museum, located between the walls of the Citadel, is a museum where artifacts and lifestyle in Gozo dating back to prehistoric times are exhibited.

Located behind the entrance gate to the Citadel, the Gozo Archaeological Museum is also known as the Gozo Museum. Opened in 1960, it was the first museum in the region that can be visited. With various additions and renovations, it took its current form in 1986. Opened in a 17th century house, the museum exhibits artifacts from prehistory, classical, medieval and modern times, and provides a comprehensive insight into everyday life dating back to prehistoric times, including the Ggantija Temple.

Gozo Arkeoloji Muzesi Tapinak Maketi
Gozo Arkeoloji Muzesi Buluntular

The museum, which has 8 rooms in total, is visited in a chronological order. The history that each room sheds light on is different from the previous one. Detailed information is given for each prehistoric building on the island of Gozo. Those who will visit each of them can learn this historical information in detail from the boards in the museum. In the rooms where prehistoric artifacts are exhibited, you can find a range of information and artifacts about natural resources, daily life, religious beliefs and practices, and burial customs.

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The museum also exhibits items that people have used since prehistoric times. The utensils they used for cooking were also used as decorative items. The museum also mentions that the food to put in these pots was provided by hunting. The only reason why thousands of locals have been able to live on the island for years is that they found food by hunting. Not only hunting, of course. They could also use grains, wheat and barley. Another source of food came from the resources obtained by herding and breeding animals such as sheep, goats and cattle.

Research on the skeletons revealed that the people there did not utilize marine animals as much as other methods. It is thought that they were not wasted for their protection, as they could be the last resource they would resort to in case of any famine.

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Some remains of two ships, thought to have sunk in the 2nd century BC and the 5th century AD, were unearthed in 1961, 35 meters deep in the sea. The recovered anchors and amphorae are on display at the Gozo Archaeological Museum.

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Address: Mdina Gate Street, The Citadel, Victoria, Gozo