Gozo Nature Museum

The museum is a combination of 3 local buildings located between the walls of the Citadel. The buildings, which were used as shelters during the World War II, were converted into a museum after 1991 in order to promote the ecological elements of the islands of Gozo and Malta.

The collections are scattered on both floors of the museum. The ground floor is mainly dedicated to geology, minerals, human and animal evolution and marine life. Marine organisms dating back to 35 million years on the island of Gozo and fossil fragments found on the Maltese islands are on display.

Gozo Dogal Bilim Muzesi Kaplumbaga
Gozo Dogal Bilim Muzesi Balik

Upstairs, insects found on the island of Gozo are on display. Not only insects but also a large collection of butterflies that are part of the ecosystem.

Gozo Dogal Bilim Muzesi Yengec
Gozo Dogal Bilim Muzesi Baliklar