How to Stay Comfortable on Bus Journeys


In the past, bus tickets had a standard and were much cheaper than airplane tickets. Today, even though bus ticket prices are sometimes more expensive than airplane tickets, buses still have a strong user base. In this article for travelers who prefer bus travel, we will make some suggestions for a more comfortable intercity journey.

Bring Your Headphones with You

Most buses now have screens behind the seats. Although they also provide headphones, the headphones provided by the bus companies may have problems staying in the ear. Considering that no headphones will be as comfortable as your own, it would be a good choice to buy your own headphones. Headphones can also be used to isolate other people’s snoring during the night.

Take your painkillers with you

Bus journeys may cause headaches as the body is not used to sleeping and waking up during breaks. People with a headache should always carry painkillers with them, but let us remind you anyway.

Copy what you want to watch to your USB device

If you have movies or TV series you follow, you can watch them on the seat screens by transferring these recordings to your USB device. This way, you won’t even realize how long the long journey has been. For this, of course, you should pay attention to whether your bus has a USB feature or not.

Carry Snacks and Water

When you feel hungry and hungry while traveling, it is a good idea to consume the food you take with you to prevent nausea. With this in mind, do your shopping in regular shops in advance. Keep in mind that you can buy the same food or water more expensive at rest stops.

Comfortable Clothes are Important

Clothes that hinder your movement, such as jeans, can make you suffer for hours of travel. Instead, it is recommended to wear more flexible clothes such as tracksuits. Clothes that will hinder your blood circulation where you sit for hours should not be preferred. This includes shoes with tightly tied laces. If possible, choose shoes such as sandals or loosen your laces. Walking during breaks is also a way to speed up your blood circulation, take advantage of the breaks, take a walk, stretch your legs and do small exercises to relax you.

Keep a Shawl in Your Bag

Accessories such as shawls that you keep in your bag can be worn when it is cool on the bus to prevent the cold to some extent. Even a slight chill touching your neck or open parts like your arms can make you feel cold and perhaps uncomfortable at the end of the journey.  Since a shawl can be easily carried in a pocket or a compartment of your bag, it does not weigh much.

Don’t skimp on the cologne

A fragrant cologne is good for you when you are stuck. There are small mini-sized colognes sold in grocery stores, throw one in your bag. You never know when you will need it, but if you keep it with you, it will be enough to refresh you before you get stressed.

Paper Soap or Disinfectant Gel

During public transportation, our sensitivity to the environment increases and we naturally try not to touch the places that everyone else touches. By paying attention to our hygiene, we can have a cleaner and psychologically comfortable journey with paper soaps. Paper soaps are disposable and when you rub them in the palm of your hand with water, they start to foam and disappear. Nowadays, disinfectant gels are mostly used. Disinfectant gels, which can be found in pharmacies or large shopping markets, are also known as antibacterial hand washing gels. With these gel-type products, you can clean your hands without the need for water.

Importance of Seat Number Selection

If you have a choice, choose your ticket number close to the doors. It may seem trivial, but passengers who are near a seat will have a quick disembarkation during breaks and will not have to wait for other people. However, the coach drivers can make service preparations from the middle door, so if this makes you uncomfortable, you should choose accordingly.

Passengers sitting in the front rows have the advantage that they can use the services earlier. Thus, you do not have to worry about running out of your favorite food by the time you reach the back seats. In addition, those who like to watch the road can do this by sitting in the front seats along the way.

In addition, the rearmost seats of some bus models can be more uncomfortable and cramped than other seats. Especially if your height is above the standards, your journey can turn into an ordeal. The middle of the rearmost seat is a different torment. Since there are people to your left and right and there is no seat in front of you, you have neither a TV nor an arm to hold on to. It is a bit difficult to be in the middle seat.

If you are a daytime traveler, the front seats allow you to watch the bus window and beyond, welcoming you like a big screen TV. Front seats are preferable because watching the road through the windshield brings joy to your journey.

Do not leave valuables on the bus

Always take your valuables such as laptop, camera, cell phone with you during breaks, it is safest to have these items with you. When you get off the bus, carry your camera or laptop bag on your back, this will not add weight, on the contrary, it will prevent your mind from staying on the bus.

Carry Spare Change

During the bus trip, you will only have the chance to go to the restroom during bus breaks. At the rest stops, you are usually allowed to use the restrooms for 1TL. Even if you have a lot of money with you, it would be wise to give the 1TL in your pocket so that you do not have to deal with change. Therefore, keep some coins with you before you set off.