Anatolian Lighthouse

The Anatolian Lighthouse, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is a structure built using white stone to guide sailors entering the Bosphorus from the Black Sea.

The lighthouse, located next to Cape Yom (Hrom), which means Good News, was built by the French in 1856 to guide ships during the Crimean War. The 1000 watt electric lamp on the 20 meter high lighthouse can be seen from 20 nautical miles away.

Anadolu Feneri Yakin

Right next to the Anatolian Lighthouse, built 75 meters above the sea, is the centuries-old Hamid-i Evvel Mosque, the last mosque on the Bosphorus, built in 1880. The view from the viewing area next to the mosque is completely different. The cove on the left is lined with rows of small fishing boats, a peaceful scene rarely seen in Istanbul, and on the right is the new Bosphorus Bridge.

Anadolu Feneri Koyu
Anadolu Feneri Yeni Bogaz Koprusu

Located directly opposite Rumeli Lighthouse on the European side, Anadolu Lighthouse gave its name to Anadolu Lighthouse Village, a village in Beykoz, where the lighthouse is located. In the village square, there is a fountain built by Mahmud II and the tomb of Hz. Abu Sayid, who is said to have lost his life in the Balkan Wars.

A house that fans of the TV series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki would like to see is also located in Anadolu Feneri Village. The house where Cemile and Küçük Osman live is located right next to Taşlıhan Restaurant.

Anadolu Feneri Sokagi
Anadolu Feneri Sokagi 2

Anadolu Lighthouse is 14 kilometers from Beykoz. If you go to Anadolu Lighthouse, which you can easily reach by following the signs after Beykoz, do not enter the narrow street where the lighthouse is located. Instead, you can spend more comfortable time by parking in the square.