Gungoren Municipality Aziz Pasa Mesire Yeri

There are not many places in Istanbul where you can have a picnic as comfortably as Aziz Pasha Mesire Yeri. I mention the comfort part in particular, because having a picnic in Belgrade Forest, for example, means being close to many different groups within 10 meters of you. The advantage of Aziz Pasha Picnic Area, one of the picnic areas on the European side of Istanbul, is that it is very big.

Aziz Pasha Picnic Area is a picnic area that we love and recommend because of its size. After being informed that it is so close to Levent and Mecidiyeköy, which are considered the center of Istanbul, I went to see the area without wasting any time. There is indeed much more than an ordinary picnic area here. The area is big, there are many picnic tables. And each picnic table is far enough away so as not to disturb the people at the next picnic table. At some key points, it is not even possible to be surrounded by people. Even if you go on Saturdays and Sundays, you will definitely find a place for yourself due to the large area.

Istanbul Aziz Pasa Mesire Piknik Alani Gezilecek Yerler
Güngören Picnic Area
Istanbul Aziz Pasa Mesire Piknik Alani Gorulecek Yerler

The areas in the promenade are numbered to make it easier to understand. The first flat area you come across is where the water is located. But this place can be very crowded, you can go higher up and have a picnic in more secluded places. It is not forbidden to barbecue in the area. My advice is to bring your water with you. Activities such as volleyball can also be enjoyable.

Istanbul Aziz Pasa Mesire Piknik Alani Kopekler
Istanbul Aziz Pasa Mesire Piknik Alani Dacia Duster

How much is the entrance fee to Aziz Pasha Picnic Area?

When entering by car, there is a fee regardless of the number of people inside. If you have pets such as dogs, you can also let them in. If you are in the center of Istanbul, it will be a breath of fresh air for them.

Gungoren Kemerburgaz Aziz Pasa Mesire Alani Evcil Hayvan
Gungoren Kemerburgaz Azizpasa Mesire Yeri Hamak

Where is Kemerburgaz Aziz Pasha Picnic Area and how to get there?

This picnic area is located on the Kemerburgaz Cendere road, but you might miss it because the entrance is a few meters inside the road. If you have a GPS, you can easily find it. Although its real name is Aziz Pasha Picnic Area, it is also known as Güngören Municipality Picnic Area. But this area is within the borders of Eyüp Kemerburgaz.

Aziz Pasha Picnic Area is an easily accessible picnic area in Istanbul and it is also possible to get there by bus. You can get on the 48L Göktürk – 4. Levent Metro bus and get off at the stop named Aziz Pasha Picnic Area. But walking to picnic areas can be difficult, especially if you have barbecue equipment.