Burgazada is one of the short-distance travel destinations you can reach from Istanbul. In fact, the island is beautiful enough to make you forget that you are in Istanbul during your visit.

Burgazada, the 3rd largest island of the Prince Islands, has an area of 1.7 km2. Previously known as Panormos, Burgazada is known as Antigoni, a tragedy hero in Greek mythology, a name that Greeks still use, dating back to the Byzantine period. The word Burgaz is thought to derive from the Greek word Pygros, which means tower. The source of this is an engraving drawn by a man named Cosimo Comidas in 1794. The engraving clearly shows the watchtower at the top of the hill.

Cosimocomidas Burgazada

The small island in front in the engraving is Kaşık Island. The 480-meter-long island, which is now a private property, got this name because it looks like a spoon.

Burgazada Kasikadasi

When you arrive in Burgazada with its red pine forests and elegant mansions, many seagulls welcome you. In the area where the pier is located, many restaurants lined up on the shore are waiting for you to visit them. Fish is preferable, but the meat doner we had at the first restaurant we came across had a very good taste.

Burgazada Yemek Doner

There is something you should not forget while dining in Burgazada. The island shopkeepers reflect their own tips on the bill. They add 10 to 12 percent of the bill on top of what you eat and drink and make sure that their tips are paid.

The Sait Faik statue standing in the square reminds visitors that Sait Faik Abasıyanık is associated with Burgazada. On its side are the fishing boats and seagulls that Sait Faik often mentioned in his stories. The last periods of Sait Faik’s life were spent here.

Burgazada Balikci Tekneleri
Burgazada Martilar

The port side of Burgazada, i.e. the northern parts, is where the settlement is located. The southern and western parts are mostly forested. Bayraktepe, the 170 meter high hill on the island, has a wonderful view. You should definitely go up there and rest on the bench on the hill, but since not many people go up, you may encounter snakes on the deserted roads.

Burgazada Manzarasi

This hill was subjected to a fire in 2003 and sadly, a large area of forest in Bayraktepe was burnt down, along with a few houses. In the image below, you can see the line formed by the large trees as a result of the fire.

Burgazada Helikopter

In Bozcaada, which impresses with its greenery, there is Aya Yani Church, built for St. John the Baptist, who is believed to have baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. This church is the church used by the Greek people in the neighborhood. Before this building was built, the clergyman Methodius was exiled to the first church in the same place. It is said that St. Methodius was sentenced to 7 years in prison here.

Aya Yani Kilisesi 1
Aya Yani Kilisesi 2

Burgazada Mosque, the only mosque in Burgazada, was built in 1953, on the 500th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul, by architect Burhan Arif Ongun.

Burgazada Camii

Hristos Monastery, built by Byzantine Emperor Vasilios I on the top of the island, is another historical place to see.

The most important place to visit in Burgazada is the Sait Faik Museum. The museum at Burgazçayırı Street No:15 is the place where Sait Faik stayed from 1939 until his death in 1954.

Burgazada Sait Faik Muzesi

If you want to rent a bicycle, you have to pay by the hour. If you want to rent a bicycle for a day, you have to pay 15TL, which is 5TL per hour.

Burgazada Bisiklet Kiralama
Burgazada Bisiklet Turu

How to get to Burgazada?

It is possible to go to Burgazada by taking the ferries of İDO from Kadıköy. If you have a Akbil, you can pay the transportation cost of 2.75 TL by buying a token for 3 TL. You can reach Burgazada in 60 minutes from Kabataş and 45 minutes from Kadıköy by ferries and there are also sea buses departing from Kabataş and reaching in 40 minutes.

Burgazada Fayton