Garipçe Village

Garipçe Village

Garipçe Village is located close to Rumeli Kavağı and Rumeli Feneri regions. In the village, there is a mosque built in 1941, a grocery store, a coffee shop and restaurants built with the development of tourism.

Located between two hills, this small village has Garipçe Castle on the hill to the left, which dates back to the Ottoman Period. Garipçe Castle, built by Mustafa III between 1757 and 1774, is located at a point overlooking the Bosphorus. A similar Garipçe Castle, which looks dilapidated today, is located in Poyrazköy Cape, which is located just opposite.

Garipce Kalesi Gezisi
Garipce Kalesi Gezi

Garipçe Castle, the third castle on the Rumeli side after Kilyos and Rumeli Feneri castles, is an ideal place to photograph Garipçe Village from the hill. On the right side of the village, at the summit of the hill called Papazburnu, there is a historical tower. We had the opportunity to see the Black Sea from the top of the hill, but we must have missed the tower, we didn’t even see it.

Garipce Koyu Gezi Rehberi

Garipçe Village, the last village of the Bosphorus, is a fact that many people first visit out of curiosity. Garipçe, which makes its living with fish, can be preferred for its breakfast in the morning and for its fish in the evening. As an alternative to the small and paid parking lot in the village square where Asmaaltı Breakfast and Fish House, Garipçe Aydın Fish and Kaşı Kumluk Fish Restaurant are located, it is possible to leave your car inside the Garipçe Castle, which you can reach by following the slope on the left before coming to the square.

Famous artist Erdal Özyağcılar also has a house in Garipçe Village, which is 10 km from Sarıyer. It is said that Zeki Müren also came here to swim in the sea. Yes, you can also swim in the sea in Garipçe Village. Those coming by boat from Sarıyer and Garipçe can use the Büyük Liman Public Beach. It is worth reminding that there is no shower or toilet on the beach.

Where is Garipçe Village and how to get there?

It is possible to reach Garipçe Village with the Sarıyer – Rumeli Feneri IETT bus line number 150, which departs from Hacıosman metro station on the European side. If you are going for the first time, especially if you are traveling by car, you may feel like you are traveling in another city, not in Istanbul. Passing in front of Koç University, you drive on a forested road, encounter the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the 3rd bridge of the Bosphorus, and then say hello to the unique nature of Garipçe.

Garipce Koyu Denizi
Garipce Koyu Kopru

Garipçe Village is a small village in its own right and the things you can do are limited. If you are not going to eat something, an hour will be enough to visit. But it is a place worth seeing even once. Another point you can visit in the direction of Garipçe Village is Rumeli Lighthouse beyond the village.